The Joy Of Watching Documentaries.


When I woke up this morning I really felt like watching a documentary whilst eating my breakfast, so I did! Since I enjoy watching documentaries so much, I wanted to share some with you.

I feel like documentaries are such a great way to learn more about the world. Whether it is a film about a moviestar, food, nature or a profession, I love them all. They also seem like the best way to really get information inside my head, because when I read people’s stories in magazines, I don’t fully get into it, but when I actually see what their lives have been like and what they went through, I seem to really memorize everything.

All of the documentaries I’m sharing with you today have meant something to me in the last year. Whether they’ve helped me make more right choices, or get me out of my dark places, I love them all a  whole lot.

1. Love, Marilyn. 
As you’ve probably already guessed, this is a documentary about Marilyn Monroe. She was one of the biggest stars this world has ever known, but as the documentary shows, being a star sometimes is a big burden. This documentary shows some of the things Norma Jean Baker (Marilyn’s actual name) struggled with throughout her life. Her life goal was being a succesful actress, and of course she made that happen, but she was really, terribly unhappy. All the roles she was given were almost the same, shallow blonde bombshells, while Marilyn wanted to play a character with an actual brain and depth. Sadly enough, the unfullfilment and unhappiness in her life seem to have driven her to her death.


In this film, several people talk about Marilyn’s life and everything that went on in it, as well as some actors reading a few of her poems and pages of her diary.
I really feel like documentaries about people’s lives can teach you a lot. You can learn from someone else’s mistakes and that will definitely help you to get on your way to full happiness.

2. Food inc. 
This documentary touched my heart like no other. The food industry nowadays is so messed up, and this film shows all of the stuff you don’t necessarily want, but really do need to see. It let’s you take a look inside some of the factories where quite gruesome things take place. And yes, it will make you feel sad, but it will also make you understand, and in the end it will make you more aware of what you eat. I know some of you wouldn’t want to see this, and I absolutely understand that, but it’s an eye opener that has really changed my way of thinking.


3. Too cute.
This is a series of episodes about puppies, kittens and other baby animals, and oh my lord, it’s fantastic! If you’re a person that likes fluffy little animals that make the cutest noises, this one is for you.
In the episodes of these series you follow some new born animals in the first weeks of their lives. You can really see the little flufballs growing up and that’s basically the most magical thing ever (I’m really passionate about little animals, can you tell?).
When you’re feeling down and want to crawl out of your dark place, go and see this with a bar of chocolate and you’ll brighten up in no time! As Nike would say: just do it!

The last two films can be found on the American Netflix, so definitely check them out!

Do you have any particular documentaries that mean something special to you? I’d love to hear about them!


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