The Perfect Night Alone.

It happens quite often that my dad gets away from home on the weekends and my boyfriend doesn’t arrive till late (musicians are such night owls!), so I’m on my own at nighttime quite a lot. A few months ago I didn’t enjoy that at all, so I’d just hang on the sofa watching horrible tv-shows and eating cheese, but that has changed. Nowadays I use these nights for the ultimate me time, and I enjoy them like nothing else!
Today I want to give you some tips on how to make the best of your time spent alone, and give you ideas for things to do.

1. Take a bath.
Really, every girly-girls-night should start with a bath. Taking a bath is the ultimate way to relax and let your stress fade away. Also, it’s a good time to catch up on your books, since you might not always find time to read.
Just pop your favourite bath bomb in the hot water, light some candles and make sure you’ve got something nice to drink (I prefer ice cold water, but tea is always a good option too!).
Give yourself the time to really relax, because all of the stress we carry around nowadays starts to take it’s toll (physically too sometimes, so be really careful with that!), just get your book and read till the bathwater gets too cold.


2. Bake!
Ofcourse you should watch what you eat and choose healthy things over carb-loaded food a lot of the time, but not on your night alone. Screw calories! I have quite the healthy diet, I watch my calories every day and try to choose healthy options over junkfood most of the time, but I also really love baking. I love the process of making something wonderful and I loooooove eating cookiedough.
Earlier this year I got myself an actual book with baking recipes, written by real patissiers, but not too difficult to make yourself, and I really enjoy trying all the different recipes! There’s this lemon pie recipe in it that’s just to die for! (I make it for every birthday now, hehe.)
Just make sure you’ve got everything you need when you go grocery shopping that day or the day before, get your girliest apron on and start baking! (If you feel like it you can even pretend you’re on the Great British Bake Off and set a timer (even though the stress you washed away with your bath might get back to you when you do that).)
I really like to put on some happy music and dance a little while baking. It might look absolutely ridiculous, but it makes me feel joyous and there’s no one watching you anyways.


3. Binge watch!
We all know the love that Netflix deserves (and gets), and we all have our favourite shows and movies, the only problem sometimes is that you can’t find the time to sit down and really watch them (no phones, no tablets, just you and your laptop).
Pour yourself a nice cup of tea (or hot chocolate, it’s autumn after all), get a nice snack (those cookies or pies you’ve made come in very handy right now) and binge watch your favourites.
I’m currently re-watching Ugly Betty and it’s oh so fantastic! I love things that make you feel good, like romcoms, but a little drama might also be nice every once in a while (especially when you’ve got a boyfriend who only wants to watch action films with you).


4. Sing along with your favourite songs.
Once I’ve had enough of watching my lovely fictional characters doing crazy things, I like to get a little crazy myself. I mostly choose songs I listened to a few years ago and sing my heart out (do think of your neighbours after 10 p.m., they might not like your voice as much as you do). Singing just makes me feel so good (even though I’m not good at it at all..) and it can make your bad feelings and emotions fade away (if you have any of those left after an awesome night like this).


I hope you got a little more excited about your alone time, I’m already looking forward to my next girly-girls-night! If you make any pictures of your baked goods or have any other fun ideas for your night alone let me know! I’d love to see what things you come up with!

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