Beauty Basket: Autumn.


Autumn has officially arrived here in the Netherlands. The leaves are falling, the fungi are popping out of the ground and the weather is getting colder by the day. That last fact does make that we need to take a little more care of ourselves.
Today I’m sharing some products with you that help me get through the colder months, they’re all autumn favourites (and some even necessities) of mine.


Face masks! These little gems are an absolute must for autumn, since the cold can really dry out your skin. When you’re done with cleansing your face in the morning or in the evening, just pop one of these masks on your face and go do something else for five to ten minutes (like getting your outfit together for the day) while you let it work it’s magic.
Wash it off, moisturize and you’re ready to face the cold!

The masks you see on the photo above are both from the Body Shop. The green one is a tea tree face mask. The package says it cools your face and lifts away impurities, and well, it does! This is the mask I go for when my skin is having a rough day and pimples get hold of me. The consistency is is mud-like, which is something I really prefer in my face masks.
The other mask is the Nutriganics smoothing mask. This one is deeply cleansing and smoothing, so your skin looks fantastic all day long.

I try doing a face mask at least twice a week when autumn is at it’s coldest point. I know some people even do it every day, and if you’ve got time for that that’s absolutely good too!


The second item I want to show you is something really awesome. It’s a beautifying oil made with brazil nut, it smells amazing (I love all nutty scents!) and it just works wonders. You can use this oil on dry patches on your skin or when your hair is having some trouble with staying pretty.
It’s a dry oil, so it doesn’t make your hair greasy (at least, it doesn’t when you don’t use a whole bottle and if you just put it on the ends).
When I get out of the shower I just put a few drops on my hands and rub it into the ends of my hair, leaving it feeling nice and soft when it dries. When my skin is in need of a little extra help I just rub the oil into it and leave it to dry.
As I said, this stuff works wonders, it’s quite inexpensive and you can get it in tons of different ‘flavours’, so I think it’s quite the must have for anyone.


I got this big jar of body cream for my birthday this summer and I can’t stop using it. It’s the Lotus Shimmer body cream by Rituals and it’s just the perfect thing for days when you don’t feel your best. The consistency of this cream is really rich and thick and it has little shimmers in it! When you rub it all over your body you might be ready to play a vampire in Twilight, but who cares, shimmer is pretty! When you’re feeling down a little glitter on your skin can work wonders.


I don’t know about you, but one of the things I love to do in autumn is making long walks in the forest. Walking in between the trees and fungi makes me feel one with the earth and it’s the ideal way to clear my head. There’s just one little thing that isn’t too ideal, my feet don’t always appreciate long walks in tight, warm shoes, so they also need a little extra love.
The Fly High! active foot gel is just what my feet need when they’ve been trapped in warm shoes all day.
I always scrub my feet under the shower and then, when I’m done showering, I massage this gel into them to cool them down and revitalize them.


The rain and cold might make your hair look a little dull at times, but it doesn’t have to stay that way!
To look a little better after facing one of many autumnal storms, I use the L’oréal texture dust. This product gives your hair a little more texture and volume where you want it and keeps it from looking saggy.


Ofcourse you need to smell nice in autumn too, so here’s another Body Shop product I looooove. The White Musk Smoky Rose perfume is a sophisticated, sexy smell. When I smell this scent I think of a woman who’s got it all together and is really quite confident. Also, the packaging isn’t very special, but I absolutely love the purple tone in it!
For me this is the smell for autumn this year.

That’s it for this autumnal beauty basket, do you have any products that are an absolute must for autumn?

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