Rose’s Bakery: Autumn-y Applecake.

Another week, another baking recipe. This time I’m showing you my favourite recipe for a round, moist, lovely apple cake. It’s the perfect thing to make on a drooly autumn day, or just a lazy Sunday. The moisture of the cake will make you want to eat lots of it, so beware!

What you’ll need: 

-100 grams of sugar
-100 grams of vanillasugar
-250 grams of soft butter
-4 eggs
-250 grams of flour
-3 teaspoons of baking powder
-1 teaspoon of salt
-1 teaspoon of cinnamon

-around 6 apples, but you can add more if you want (Big plus if you’ve picked the apples yourself!)
-3 teaspoons of sugar
-2 teaspoons of cinnamon

-a mixer
-two bowls (one big, one small)
-a spatula
-a springform
-a tablespoon and a teaspoon


Step one: 

Before you start making your batter, you have to preheat your oven to 185℃ (365ºF), so it’s fully heated when you want to put your cake in there. Then it’s time to cut your baking paper to size for your springform.


Step two:
Now it’s time to make your batter! Mix the soft butter together with the vanillasugar and plain sugar till it’s a creamy mixture. After that, mix in one egg at the time (make sure everything is fully mixed through when you put in your next egg).





Step three:
Mix the flour, baking powder, salt and cinnamon together in a seperate bowl. When it’s fully mixed through, put it in with the butter-sugar-egg-mixture and scoop it through till it’s a smooth batter.





Step four: 
Peel the apples, cut them into pieces and mix them together with the sugar and cinnamon (no one can blame you when you munch on a few of those apples, ’cause they are gooooood!).





Step five:
Get 2/3 of your apple mixture and spread it evenly over the bottom of your springform.
Get your batter and spread it on top of the apples, so all of the apples are covered. When all your batter is spread evenly, get the leftover apples and sprinkle them on top of the batter.





Step six: 
Put your springform in the oven and bake it for 40 to 45 minutes, till the apples and crust are golden brown. Let it cool down in the springform for five minutes, cut your cake loose and take it out of the springform.


Step seven:
Cut your cake into pieces and munch on it with the people you love. This cake never survives for a very long time (it was gone in a few hours the last time I made it), but it’s so nice to see everyone enjoy the things you made!


I hope you all have fun making this cake (I know I did!) and even more fun eating it! If you do make it I’d love to see pictures! I’m on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr and I promise I’ll take a look!

Happy baking!

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