Get In The Halloween Mood: Films.

Yesterday me and my best friend decided we’re going to throw a Halloween-party and lord, are we excited for it. We’re making all of the decorations ourselves and are searching in all the corners of Pinterest for the best Halloween-y ideas. So yeah, you could say we’re already in the mood for the scariest day of the year, but what if you’re not? Then you go and watch movies that get you into the scary mindset! I’m going to help you get into the Halloween-iest mood you’ve ever been in the next couple of weeks by making you some lovely lists.

We’re starting our Halloween journey with a list of films that will get you going!

1. Edward Scissorhands
Not all Halloween-y films have to scare you to death, so I thought I’d start off with this fun one! Edward Scissorhands is one of Johnny Depp’s (and Tim Burton’s) best known movies, and even though a man with scissors instead of hands doesn’t sound very lovely, it’s also one of the sweetest (and saddest) movies mr. Depp has ever made. Make sure you’ve got some tissues close to you, ’cause this one might make you sob a little. (If you’re the crafty kind of person Edward will also make a fantastic costume!)


2. The Nightmare Before Christmas
Halloween is prominently present in this movie, since Jack the Pumpkin King is King of Halloweentown! Just as Edward Scissorhands, this film was made by Tim Burton (who also is the king of Halloween, I think!) and it will definitely get you in the mood for some scaring!


3. Sleepy Hollow
And yet another Burton-Depp combination film! (They are one of the best duo’s of film-land, that’s for sure!) There’s enough beheading, blood and dead bodies in this film to get you a little frightened. Johnny plays his role tremendously well and the blood that we all know Tim Burton loves so much is overflowing. Oh, there’s also a pumpkin in it, so that’s the whole thing complete now, isn’t it?


4. Sweeney Todd
After this one I’m done with them, I promise, but yeah, Burton-Depp at their best. I’m one of the most easily scared people ever, so horrorfilms aren’t actually my thing, but this one is absolutely fantastic. If you enjoy people singing inbetween killing, that is. Again, lots of blood, again, lots of bodies, but add the singing and you get Sweeney Todd. Would you fancy seeing professor Snape singing? Yeah, thought so. Watch this one, it’s worth it.


5. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Another movie that you can sing along to! I know lots and lots of people love this one, and there’s no reason not to! Also, if you haven’t watched it before, now is the ideal time, since MAC is coming out with a Rocky Horror Picture Show-collection for Halloween! This one is also very ideal to watch on your Halloween party, if you’re having one! Just have everyone come dressed for the occasion and have a sing along with all your friends!


6. Van Helsing
A film in which Dracula and Frankenstein are brought together, what else would you need for a Halloween-y feeling, huh? It’s not incredibly scary, but as I said I’m scared very easily, so really scary movies aren’t for me. It’s just the atmosphere of this film that will definitely get you into the mood for Halloween.


7. The Wolfman
This is one of my all time favourite movies. There’s a little Benicio Del Toro and a little Anthony Hopkins and even a little Emily Blunt, so yeah, the cast is fan-tas-tic. There’s also some guts here and there and there are werewolves, so it’s also definitely Halloween-y. The atmosphere of this film is absolutely lovely and there’s an asylum somewhere in the mix, so it’s kind of scary.


8. The Shining
This is one of the most fantastically strange movie I’ve ever seen. It’s filled with blood and dead people, so it could be called scary. Also, Jack Nicholson is a fantastic actor, and the axe-scene is rather fantastic, so it’s quite the must watch.



9. The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror
No, this isn’t a movie, but if something is good for getting you in the mood for Halloween, it’s the Halloween episodes of The Simpsons. They made one of these episodes for every season of The Simpsons and they are all fantastic! If you’ve got an afternoon free, this is the ideal way to spend it in Halloween-style. Maybe you can even watch it while crafting some of your decorations or finishing your costume!


See what I did there? Hehe. 

Well, that’s it for this list! I’m definitely going to have a little Halloween-marathon next week or so. I hope you have fun watching one (or some) of these!

Happy pre-Halloween!

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