35 Ways To Make The Most Of Autumn.

If you follow me on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest you’ll know I’m going mad about autumn. It’s my favourite season and I’m enjoying it to the max!

Today I want to share some tips with you so you can make the most of autumn this year!


1. Leave your car alone and start walking.
2. Go and seek some beautiful leaves so you can press them and enjoy them for longer.
3. Get crafting!
4. Go take a walk in the woods.
5. Drink lots of chocolatemilk.
6. Drink lots more tea.
7. Bake (don’t know what? Take a look here or here)!
8. Binge-watch your favourite shows.
9. Get yourself a decent scarf to protect you from the cold (or make one yourself!).
10. Get yourself a decent umbrella, you’ll need it.


11. Carve pumpkins.
12. Take autumn-y photos.
13. Stack up on jumpers.
14. Snuggle with your special person.
15. Go apple picking.
16. Make your own applesauce.
17. Get yourself a new pair of boots (cold feet are the worst!).
18. Light pretty coloured/nicely smelling candles.
19. Get dressed in layers (we finally can again, hooray!).
20. Try some new autumn-y recipes.


21. Have big dinners with all your loved ones.
22. Plan a Halloween party.
23. Send fun postcards to your friends and family.
24. Try new autumn-y makeup.
25. Roast marshmallows over a fire.
26. Snuggle up in a blanket and read.
27. Go to a museum.
28. Take a lot of baths.
29. Start writing in your diary daily, so you can look back on all the fun things you’ve experienced.
30. Make lots of soup.


31. Take time to watch movies you’ve never seen before.
32. Have breakfast in bed whilst watching your favourite feel good shows (like Ugly Betty or Modern Family).
33. Re-decorate your bedroom.
34. Clean out your closet (put aside all your summer clothes).
35. Have a movienight with your best friend (make sure you’ve got lots of snacks!).

So, now you can make the most of this beautiful season. I hope you do, ’cause autumn is so worth it! I would absolutely love to see any autumn-y photos you make (I may or may not drool over all the beauty the season has to offer and I may or may not look up photos of it for a big amount of time, hehe).

Happy autumn!

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