Best Friend ‘Date’ Ideas.

We all have those days on which we don’t want to see anyone but our best friend. Sometimes you just need them. You need the laughs you can only have with them, because they are the only people who understand you fully. I like having friend-dates at least twice a month. But what do you do on your dates? I’m here to tell you all about that.

1. Watch a movie. 
For the ones of you who’ve got boyfriends, you might feel me in this one: boyfriends are not always interested in the films you want to watch. And that can be really annoying, but hey, that’s where your best friend comes in. You can watch all the movies that your boyfriend doesn’t want to watch. Make sure you’ve got all the snacks you both like, get some fluffy cushions and blankets (and maybe even build a pillow fort!) and watch your fave’s!


2. Bake. 
As you know by now, I adore baking. Baking alone is a lot of fun, but baking with your best friend might very well be the best thing ever! Pick a recipe you both love, do your grocery shopping together and bake! Me and my best friend enjoy listening to some good music and dance a little while we’re baking, which makes it  extra fun!


3. Take pictures.
Taking pictures on your own might be a fun activity, but taking pictures of yourself isn’t always as nice. When you do it together with your best friend you can make pretty pictures of each other and the things around you. You might give each other ideas and inspiration  too!


4. Go to a museum. 
Surely, you’re best friends because you’ve got the same interests, probably interests you don’t share with anyone else. You might both love the same films or the same brands of clothing. Often there are expositions which portray directors or the history of brands, so you could just buy a train ticket and go learn about your favourite things. It will probably make you appreciate them even more, too!


5. Go explore! 
There are so many things all around the world that we haven’t seen. Often there are lots of things to see that aren’t too far away, either. Just go explore cities that aren’t too far away. Pack your camera, take the train (or bus, busses are fantastic) and take the time to look at every beautiful thing the city has to offer. Maybe have a little lunch and/or dinner there too, to make your day complete.


6. Go grocery shopping. 
Yes, this is a fun activity. Yes, I loooooove grocery shopping. It’s shopping, but for food. And food is the greatest thing on this planet. So yeah, grocery shopping is a fun activity to do together too. Go stroll through your favourite supermarket (or a local market, those are bloody fantastic!) and take time to get fantastic stuff. You might want to pick some recipes before you go, but you can also make things up while you get your produce.


7. Cook.
After you’ve got yourself a lot of delicious stuff, it’s time to make it even more spectacular. Get your cutest aprons out and make the most delicious thing you’ve ever made in your life (or at least try to, we can’t all be masterchef’s..).


8. Craft. 
Pinterest is so full of DIY things, you could craft for every hour of your life. But you won’t.
Just pick a fun project and make stuff together. It’s so much fun to be able to make things yourself, you’ll feel really quite fullfilled at the end of the day.


Well, I hope you got some nice ideas from this post and I hope you have fun doing lovely things together!

Happy weekend!

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