50 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Down.

Even though a lot of us love autumn, we all cope with some unhappy days because of the drooly weather. I totally live up when the sun comes out, so when it hasn’t been around for a few days, I might get a little moody. The thing with me is, when I feel unhappy, I go and do unhappy things. I watch sad films, listen (and sing along) to sad songs, eat badly, but these things don’t make you happier (duh!). I’m going to share a little list with you today. This list consists of things that I do when I feel unhappy. They are things that actually make me happier again and they brighten even my darkest days.

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!

❥Bake. As every single one of you knows by now, I adore baking. It’s something that makes me incredibly happy and it satisfies me a lot (especially when it turns out to be completely delish!). When you share the things you’ve made with someone else, it will definitely make you even happier. Sharing is fun!

❥Start creating something. Getting yourself into project is so satisfying! Having something to work on every time you don’t have to do something will make you happier, since you don’t land on the couch everytime you’re bored. Creating something beautiful is one of the most satisfying things ever. Everytime you’ll look at it when it’s done, you’ll feel the happiness the project has brought you all over again!

❥Take a bath and pamper yourself afterwards.

❥Buy some high quality chocolate and devour the whole thing.

❥Snuggle with your loved one(s) (hugging does wonders!).

❥Take time to watch a good movie. Whenever I watch a film nowadays, my phone always seems to interrupt me. Just taking the time to really watch a movie with a nice cup of tea and your favourite snack is a really nice activity. Shut off your phone (or just make sure it’s not too close to you), munch on your favourite things and really take time to watch the damn thing!

❥Go to a museum. You can totally do this by yourself! It’s fun to wander around and see things you’ve never seen before. You might even learn some new things!

❥Hula-hoop. Eversince I started working out by hula-hooping I feel so much better! It’s the most fun way to ‘work out’ and you can do it wherever and whenever you want! Just put on some crazy music and do your thing!

❥Treat yourself to some new, high quality perfume.

❥Take time to cook a nice meal for yourself.

❥Start planning a new trip. There probably are many, many places in the world you’d love to see someday, but if you don’t make it happen yourself, you probably never will see any of them. Today is the day to start planning your ultimate trip. If you want to go with your loved one(s): good, if you feel like going by yourself: fantastic! I get that not everyone might want to do that, but I think going somewhere by yourself is one of the biggest eye-openers you can have.

❥Give yourself a nice manicure (or go to a manicurist and let them do it for you!).

❥Go for a walk. Make sure you’ve got some nice tunes on your phone/iPod and take a nice stroll. Whether it’s in your own town or in a forest nearby, it’s the best way to clear your mind.

❥Go have a coffee (or tea!) by yourself.

❥Tell someone how much he/her means to you, they might not know yet!

❥Watch films you used to love when you were little.

❥Read a whole book in one go.

❥Catch up with your favourite series.

❥Go to a second hand store and try and find some fantastic stuff.

❥Set yourself a budget, go to your favourite store and buy some cute little things.

❥Listen to 50’s music.

❥Write a list of things you want to do and places you want to go in the upcoming year.

❥Send a postcard to someone that’s dear to you.

❥Write down things you love.

❥Make a list of things you’re grateful for (you might want to do this every once in a while, it’s really good for your perspective on (your) life!).

❥Turn on a song that you love and dance like no one is watching (Mambo no. 5? Yes please!).

❥Make a fun new pin-board on Pinterest and pin all the stuff you love.

❥Buy yourself a big bag of candy and go to the movies (by yourself).

❥Start writing your book.

❥Stay in your pyjamas all day.

❥Dress up and go into town (or even grocery shopping) feeling fab.

❥Change up your makeup (it might be so wonderful you’ll stay in this new routine!).


❥Go to a zoo or aquarium and take photos of all the animals you really like.

❥Treat yourself to a high-end makeup product.

❥Go to the theatre or a musical.

❥Stay in bed all day and watch your favourite series/films/YouTubers.

❥Go and visit your family, especially if you haven’t seen them in a while.

❥Start a conversation on Twitter with someone who seems interesting to you (you might make a new friend!).

❥Watch some Monty Python and crack up on your own.

❥Write a letter to someone you find inspiring.

❥Take a random train and wander though the city you end up in.

❥Learn something new.

❥Buy or make gifts for people you love.

❥Get a massage.


❥Make a huge (huge!) hot chocolate, wrap yourself in a blanket and watch something you love.

❥Ask your grandparents about their youths, you might be surprised by all the things they’ve experienced!

❥Look through old photos.

❥Put glitter on some things you own (a little sparkle can brighten every day).

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