Things I love.

Happy Sunday! Sometimes I have a lot of time to think on Sundays, because I’m by myself a lot, and when I think a lot, I often end up thinking bad thoughts. I don’t know why this happens, but my head tends to fill itself with negativity sometimes and I never really felt like I could do anything about it. But now I know I can! When you’re having a rough time you need to see all the good things surrounding you. Even though you might not always feel like it (sobbing does feel good sometimes), I try to think about the things I love in life. The things that make my heart skip a beat and make my soul sparkle. The next time you’re feeling down, try making a list of all the things that make your life worth living, it will help, I promise.

Things I love.

❥ Baths when I’m cold. ❥ A good book. ❥Having long, deep conversations with bright people. ❥ Dancing on silly music in my livingroom. ❥ Writing. ❥ Taking a walk whilst listening to good music on my iPhone. ❥ Snuggling on Sundays. ❥ Pamper-time after taking a shower.❥ Anthony Hopkins. ❥ All things Hannibal. ❥ Dressing up for the day without necessarily having a reason to. ❥ Really taking my time to put on my makeup. ❥Staying in bed all day. ❥ Red wine. ❥ Beautiful pink sunsets. ❥ A really good meal. ❥ Feta cheese. ❥ Nice supermarkets. ❥ Binge-watching series. ❥ Seeing your loved one sleeping. ❥ Creating things. ❥ Purple. ❥Antonio Banderas. ❥ Ducks. ❥ Eat, Pray, Love. ❥ John Green. ❥ Looking through old photos. ❥ Having the house to myself for a whole day. ❥ A good cappuccino. ❥ Prague. ❥ Harry Potter. ❥ Seeing someone you love being really happy. ❥ Greyhounds. ❥ Rome. ❥ Roses. ❥ Pretty rings. ❥ Feeling fabulous in a dress. ❥ Penguins. ❥ Birds in general. ❥ BBC documentaries. ❥ Fairy lights. ❥ Christmas. ❥ Autumn. ❥ Freshly baked bread (that’s still a little warm). ❥ This video. ❥Mountains. ❥

And this is just a small amount of the things I adore. I’ll make a list like this every week, so we can share the things we love and maybe give each other ideas. This is just a wonderful ‘exercise’ for when you don’t feel too fantastic. Just try it please, I’m so sure it will benefit you.
If you do make a similar list, please tag me/send it to me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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