My Guilty Pleasure: Christmas.

Halloween has passed, so well, it’s time to get into the Christmassy mood! I get that a lot of you will find it too early to rave about the most beautiful days of the year, but it’s not! As I said, they’re the most beautiful days of the year, so why not rave about them for a longer period of time?!

Yes, it’s still autumn, and yes, I still enjoy autumn to the fullest, but Christmas is way too much fun not to start enjoying the jolly feeling right now! Just think about the snow, the hot chocolates, the Christmas puddings, the Christmas tree. If that doesn’t make you swoon, I don’t know what will!

I just can’t wait for all the roofs being covered in snow, for the decorating of my Christmas tree, for the lovely dinners we’re going to have with all our loved ones. I’m currently working on a special Pinboard on Pinterest which is fully dedicated to Christmas, so if you want to really get in the mood for Christmas, go take a look over there! (I will keep pinning to this board till Christmas, so you might want to check back on it every once in a while, or even follow it, so Pinterest will keep you posted automatically!) I’m also working on a Christmas playlist on Spotify, which you can find right here

Expect a complete post filled with all the nice things about Christmas on here soon!

Have a lovely rest of the day and keep on sparkling!

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