My Guilty Pleasure: Phil Collins.

When I was little, me and my dad went on quite a lot of vacations. I think we went three times a year most years, and every time we were on the road in his white van, we listened to the music he loved. It’s the music that takes me back to those years, my little pieces of nostalgia. One of the artists he loved was Phil Collins. I remember one cd in particular: Serious Hits… Live. I know the lyrics to every song on this cd, not because I listen to it often, but because I always heard it when we were driving to our foreign destinations (Who Said I Would was my favourite songs, hehe).


Phil Collins to me, is a really talented musician. He has made a ton of different songs and his music is really recognizable. He has his own style, and next to singing, he’s also a really talented drummer. Sadly, this fantastic mister is turning deaf and the doctor told him not to go on stage anymore because it will harm his ears even more. It seems so sad not to be able to hear as a musician, it really must be a their biggest nightmare.

Mr. Collins’ music makes me feel happy. Bright, even. I love the style of it and well, it’s just feel good music! It’s fun to sing along to it and dancing to it is absolutely fantastic (in my case not when anyone else is watching though, because I go all out!). If you aren’t too much into his own albums, singing along to all the songs of Tarzan is a really good option too!

Here’s some of my favourite songs made by Phil Collins:
Easy Lover, live. 
Who Said I Would, live.
Another Day In Paradise, live.
❥Ready to cry? You’ll Be In My Heart, live.

I hope some of you might actually enjoy his music and listen to him some more, because this man absolutely deserves it.

Have a lovely rest of the day and don’t forget to smile like a goofball every once in a while.

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