Things I Love #2.

New week, new things I adore to share with you. These posts make me feel so good! They really make me think of the things that make me happy and well, thinking of what makes me happy makes me happy!

This week a lot of new things came to me. I can’t really tell you about some of them, but what I can tell you is that I’m going to the Czech Republic somewhere in December! I’m going there to visit my family (it has been one and a half years since I last saw them) and I’m so happy to see them again!

Time to show you this week’s list!

❥ MAC Face and Body foundation. ❥ My Christmas playlist on Spotify. ❥ My new (wine red) scarf. ❥ The fact that I put up my Christmas tree last Monday. ❥ This week’s excitiment for my new haircut. ❥ The fact that I’m going to London next month. ❥ Dexter. ❥ The extended versions of the Harry Potter films (I have been yelling at all the scenes I had never seen before, they were all sooooo fantastic!). ❥ Drawing little hearts on everything I own. ❥ Only By Night by The Kings Of Leon. ❥ The fact that it gets dark at 6 p.m. ❥ Secret Window. ❥ Pretty mugs. ❥ Freshly made juice, made with my own slowjuicer. ❥ Peach yoghurt. ❥ My new compact camera. ❥ Christmas pinning on Pinterest. ❥ Shopaholic Abroad. ❥ Watching Pointless whilst having dinner (and seeing someone win the £6250 jackpot!). ❥ Internet Friends by Knife Party (yes, I do secretly listen to things like this every once in a while). ❥ Marble. ❥ The colder weather. ❥ Men who participate in Movember. ❥ Singing along to Tarzan. ❥ Comfortable trousers. ❥ My lovely smelling showergels from the Body Shop. ❥ Lasagne. ❥ Finding fantastic stuff at a thrift store. ❥ Watching Narnia for the first time in years. ❥

If you do make a similar list, please tag me/send it to me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

Have a lovely Sunday!

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