Worth Your Time.

We all know the big stars from the US. The people who are world famous. The people who all make the same kind of music. I sometimes get quite sick of all the same stuff you hear everywhere, since you sometimes get quite deluged by their hits. When I’m working on blogposts, doing my makeup, bake, etc. I like to listen to artists who are different. People who aren’t necessarily world famous (though I think most of them really deserve to be!), but who make music worth listening to.

Today I want to show you some of those artists. I want you to get to know things that aren’t played on the radio as much, so you can see what else is there to listen to.

De Staat. 
De Staat is a Dutch band that makes some really cool rock music. They definitely are one of my all time favourite bands. It’s not your typical ‘radio-rock’, they really have a different sound to them. They use sounds you normally wouldn’t hear on a record. They make music that’s different from anything I’ve ever heard before. Just listen to a few of their songs and judge whether you think they’re as great as I do.

Input Source Select.

Devil’s Blood.


The Kyteman Orchestra.
This really is something. The first project Colin Benders (the ‘leader’ of this wonderful pack of people) was the Kyteman  Hiphop Orchestra, which was a hiphop orchestra. This was a huge success in the Netherlands, leading to them performing at all the biggest festivals in the Netherlands. But well, all good things end, but happily, as if this orchestra were a fenix, The Kyteman Orchestra was born from the ashes of the Hiphop Orchestra.
The music these people make is absolutely wonderful. It still has a little touch of hiphop in it, but it’s so fantastically balanced with the orchestral sounds, it might very well be the most perfect thing right now.

The Mushroom Cloud.
Truth Or Dare.


Jack Garratt.
The first time I ever saw this fantastic man, was at the Hozier concert in Amsterdam in September. Jack was the support act and whooooh, he blew me away. His voice is wonderful, the bass in his music makes your whole body shake (in a good way) and the most fantastic thing is: he does everything by himself. Sadly, he only has 4 songs on Spotify, so there isn’t a very big range of songs to choose from, but these 4 are definitely worth listening to.

I Couldn’t Want You Anyway.

Please do take time to listen to all these fantastic artists. I really think they all deserve to be loved by more people, I think they deserve your time. I also made a little playlist on Spotify featuring all of the artists I told you about today, so if you want to, you can listen to them right here.

Have a great rest of the evening and remember that you’re awesome!

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