Things That Might Make You Feel Better On A Rough Day.

Whether you’re on your period, had a rough day at work or get sad because of the bad weather, we all have those days. And yes, you can sit around sobbing all day long, eating Ben & Jerry’s by yourself, but you can also go and look for things that brighten your mood.

I’ve made this a little easier for you by making a list of things that will make you feel happier, so look no further!

❥ Being kind to another person.
❥ Lighting all the candles you can find and looking at all the little flames dancing.
❥ Ducks.
❥ Soft jumpers.
❥ Snuggling.
❥ Knowing that there will be more Harry Potter films.
❥ Cooking something difficult and it tasting awesome.
❥ Reading a whole book in one go.
❥ Finding someone that inspires you.
❥ Eating Ben & Jerry’s by yourself (yup, it may make you feel better).
❥ Doing something creative.
❥ Knowing that there’s a list of the 500(!!!) cutest animals.
❥ And if 500 is too much for you, here’s 25 baby animals.
❥ Putting on makeup just for yourself to see.
❥ Giving to someone else (whether it’s charity or a good friend, it’s always nice to give to people).
❥ Having a movie marathon with your best friend.
❥ Wearing cute underwear (I swear this will make you feel loads better than wearing sloppy boxers!).
Another cute animal list.
❥ Doing something with your mum and/or dad.
❥ Spending hours doing Buzzfeed quizzes.
❥ Writing letters to people you rarely talk to.
❥ Writing letters for Amnesty International.
❥ Singing along to Disney songs.
❥ Being nice to a random stranger (just telling them how beautiful they look will make their day!).
❥ Re-decorating your home (let those energies flow in a different direction every now and then).

I hope this list makes your day a little better! Remember you deserve to be happy, even when you don’t feel like you do.

Have a lovely rest of the day and be the brightest little munchkin you can be!

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