Things I Love #4.

Gooood day! It’s been a pretty fantastic week, once more. I heard some good news, realized it wouldn’t be long for fantastic things to happen and I re-vamped my bedroom, which makes it even more fantastic. Let’s get going with the things I’ve adored in this fantastic week!

Suits (the series, not the clothes. Okay, also the clothes.). ❥ Christmas decorations everywhere. ❥ My new chalkboard door. ❥ Wearing jumpers every day of the week. ❥ The fact that I’ll be in London in a week! ❥ Chai tea. ❥ Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes. ❥ My new Chromecast (that little thing is the most fantastic thing object on the earth!). ❥ My tablet. ❥ Fresh, cold air in the morning. ❥ Eating too many brownies and not feeling sorry for it. ❥ Painting doors with chalkboard paint. ❥ Walking around in the cold. ❥ The Hunger Games Catching Fire (yes, it took me a year to watch it, and I was amaaaaazed by it). ❥ Watching old videoclips on YouTube on a Friday night. ❥ Being creative with quotes. ❥ The fact that I got hired for a new job. ❥ The fact that I look better in hats and beanies, now I got my hair cut. ❥ Marble foil. ❥ Being honest about my fears. ❥ The fact that the cast of Suits is absolutely amaaaazing. ❥ Feeling fantastic in dresses. ❥ Being able to take time to care for myself. ❥ Plex. ❥ My new Uggs (no, I don’t think they look fantastic, but oh my lord, those things are heaven for your feet!). ❥

That’s it for this week. I hope got some ideas for your own little lists, and if you make one, don’t hesitate to share it with me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

Have a lovely rest of the day and don’t let anyone take your sparkle from you!

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