People That Inspire Me Every Day.

Everyone has someone he/she looks up to, and I think you need that in life. You need a rolemodel to make the best of yourself. The people I look up to, whether dead or alive, make me want to be the best person I can be. They make me want to accomplish great things and do things I might not do if it weren’t for them.

Of course, there are people I know in real life that inspire me, but since you don’t know them, it isn’t any use to talk about their greatness (I might introduce them to you some day, but this post isn’t about them). Today, I want to tell you about people I look up to, that may inspire you too.


No. 1. Leonardo Da Vinci.
I don’t even know where to begin with this magnificent man. He was good at everything. Absolutely everything. He was a fantastic artist, a craftsman, an engineer, he was the first person to examine the anatomy of the human body, let’s just say he might have been the greatest man that has ever lived. If someone like that doesn’t make you feel like a humble human being, or better, if that doesn’t make you want to do fantastic things with your life, I don’t know what does.


No. 2. Emma Watson.
As a Harry Potter fan, I could never not love Emma Watson, but her recent actions have made me look up to her even more. The HeForShe campaign, which if you didn’t hear about it yet, stands up for gender equality, makes me feel so fantastic. Knowing there are still people in the world who use their fame for the greater good (as J.K. Rowling herself did too, she gave so much money to charity, she lost her billionaire status), makes my soul sparkle like crazy.


No. 3. J. R. R. Tolkien.
Being a modest teacher at Oxford University, mr. Tolkien still found the time to write about one of the world’s best known mythical worlds of all times: the world of Lord of the Rings. Being someone who loves words, that makes me want to find as much time as I can to write, which is a little push I sometimes need in life.


No. 4. Nelson Mandela.
When you talk about standing up for your rights, Nelson Mandela should always be in the back of your head. This fantastic mister spent 20 years in jail because of his opposition to apartheid. After being released, he became the first president of democratic South Africa. He fought for his rights, as well as the rights of many, many others. He sacrificed himself for the well-being of thousands of people. That is such a noble deed, he should be known by every human being on this planet.

Author Elizabeth Gilbert

No. 5. Elizabeth Gilbert.
Being the writer of one of my favourite books, ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, mrs. Gilbert has a precious little spot in my heart. Her words have brought me so much, I could never repay her. Really, if you haven’t yet, you should just read the book and get to know her, you’ll fully understand what I’m talking about.

This is just a little selection of the people I look up to. I’ll share some more wonderful human beings with you next week!

Have a lovely rest of the day and remember there’s always people to love out there!

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