Week 48: Beautiful Tummies, Comedians And Women Kicking Ass.

This has been one turbulent week, hasn’t it? There’s so much talk on the internet, so many news reports, so many opinions, so many people telling you things they want you to know. I want to take this moment to tell you about the things I’ve seen on the internet this week that I found interesting. Interesting, that doesn’t mean I agree with everything said, but looking at all the different things people say is something I find very intruiging.

Let’s get going with this week’s articles!

This is a whole new way to feel safe on your flights. Let’s just say we don’t all have the balls to bring our best friends with us when we’re on an aeroplane.

And we all know how embarrassing dads can be. Trust me, girls, I know how it feels.

Finland has legalized same sex marriage. And that makes me incredibly happy for all the lovely people over there!

A woman who takes Thanksgiving very, very seriously. Yep. Yep..

A woman got rape messages on the internet. And decided to contact the mothers of the guys who had sent the messages.

Frozen is kind of surpassing Pokémon in the race of ‘hits for kids’. And I’m not sure whether to feel good or bad about that.

This woman who has a… special appetite. I couldn’t call it anything but special.

Here’s 50 new sexual orientations. If you’re in for something new and exciting.

This anti-photoshop campaign. That’s a whole new, fantastic way to see human beings.

Are you a witch? There’s 13 signs you might be!

This beautiful post about post-pregnancy tummies. This one made me feel so many different things. As a girly girl, I think about being pregnant and having children quite a lot, and I also think about what I’ll look like after my baby will be born. It worries me, sometimes. Scares me, even. But after reading this, my mind was put at ease. I feel like I can conquer the world, as long as everything happens as it’s supposed to happen.

This post about being grateful every day. Being grateful every day is something I’ve been trying to incorporate into my life for a very long time, and I still find it quite hard to do. My mind is one that tends to think about negative things more than positive ones, and that’s hard to change. This post, however, has given me inspiration to do things that help me be grateful 365 days of the year. I think that’s something we could all work on.


This photo that Ricky Gervais shared on Facebook and made me incredibly satisfied, for some reason.

That’s it for this week. If there’s any good stuff you saw on the internet and want to share with me, feel free to do that! You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Have a lovely rest of the day and please allow yourself to feel fabulous, even when others don’t.

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