Welcome December!

Ooooh, December. Month of holidays, endings, new beginnings. Month of joy and being together with the ones we love. The thought of December makes me long for lovely dinners with wonderful people and long conversations about a lot, or absolutely nothing. Let’s make it very clear that December is my favourite month of the year, as it probably is for a lot of people. And well, what’s not to love, right? Okay, for some (including me, sometimes) the holidays mean hard work. Long days in the kitchen and buying lots of gifts for people you might not even care about too much, but the wonder that is spread when the holly jolly Christmas-y days come to us is so powerful, it makes all the hard work feel like a hobby to me.


At the beginning of November, I started doing something new: Monthly Resolutions. Most of us write resolutions for the first of January, so basically for the whole new year, but I think that’s a bit too much for a human being. Looking at your resolutions from month to month is so much more doable than writing them for a whole year! If you’re part of the big mass of people that write resolutions, but never do anything with them, please try this, it really might make you accomplish something!

Last month I wrote:

November Resolutions. 
❥Start making an actual planning for my trip to London in December.
❥Watch at least one good movie a week (and really take time to watch it, no phones allowed!).
❥Read every day.
❥Take time to be artistic at least once a week (draw, paint, write poems, etcetera).
❥Start writing in advance (posting every day is something that needs to happen!).
❥Get organized! (I’m way too messy sometimes..)”

Yep, these were the things I’d start working on for the past month, and I have to say I did bloody well.
Today I’ve arrived in London, and all is going swell, so that totally worked out! I saw Catching Fire, Catch Me If You Can, Dallas Buyers Club and Love Actually this month, so that makes one per week.
I’m currently reading a really lovely book, which I’m not going to tell you about yet, because it’ll have it’s own post once I’m done reading it. I got into the habit of writing in advance, and I have to tell you, it takes the pressure off the whole thing. It makes me so much more relaxed to know there are posts waiting to be put online, especially on days when I don’t have time to do anything.
I also bought some adooorable new notebooks at the beginning of November, in which I write lists of everything and anything, so yeah, you could say I’m getting really quite organized (even though it took me years to get there..).

As you can see, only one thing didn’t work out yet, which is the getting artistic part. This means it’ll be on my list for December!

Speaking about my December list, it’s time to make it!

December Resolutions:
❥Take time to be artistic at least once a week.
❥Meditate as much as I can (every day would be wonderful).
❥Keep up with The Big Bang Theory.
❥Make a schedule for the week.
❥Get everyone’s Christmas gifts organized.
❥Make sure everyone around you feels appreciated at Christmas.
❥ Spread Christmas joy (by doing something for charity, write letters to people in need, do something for Amnesty, etc.)

Well, there’s a lot to work on this month, but it’s all good stuff. I think it’s important to keep our brains fueled with nice things, either for ourselves or for others. Please, take this month, this lovely, jolly month, to do good for someone else. Whether you do it once or everyday is up to you, but spread the love, there are so much people out there who need it.

Have a lovely rest of the day and when times are dark just think ‘BOOYAH it’s December’.

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