11 Christmas Gifts To Get For Lovely Ladies.

We all know how horrendous Christmas shopping can be for certain people. I do have some people around me I for which find it almost impossible to find good gifts, either because they already have everything, or I just don’t know what they’d actually like to get. I’ve spent years and years perfecting my methods of gift giving and I’m willing to share them with you today, so everyone around you thinks you’re the absolute best!

At first, I want to show you some gifts women actually love getting (or at least the women I know do!).


No. 1. Mugs, bowls and plates. 
I am personally obsessed with mugs. I love drinking tea all day, every day, and when I do, I want to drink it out of a lovely mug. A good mug changes your whole drink for the better, so everyone should have a good stash of lovely mugs.
The same goes for bowls and plates, really. Eating off a pretty plate will make your meal lovelier, so having lots of those is a priority, if you ask me.
I like my fair share of oatmeal or yoghurt in the morning, and well, eating that out of a lovely bowl will make me start my day better, which basically makes me a better person throughout the whole day! Essentials, I say, essentials.


No. 2. Candles. 
Let’s be fair, you can never have enough candles. Not even when you have a whole cupboard full of them, really, because you’ll use them all one day anyway. So, if you love a person a lot, go on the hunt for the loveliest candles in the neighbourhood! If you are okay with spending a bigger amount, you could have a look at the scented candle section at Jo Malone. And if you don’t, Yankee Candles or any pretty or lovely smelling candles are absolutely fantastic too! If you’re the daring type of person, you could even try and make your own!

You can get the one shown above right here!


No. 3. Cushions and plaids. 
Being cozy is something every sane person loves, and what’s cozier than having a huge load of fluffy, pretty cushions on your bed? Nothing! Add a little (or big, honestly, the bigger the better) soft plaid to this mix and you’ll be able to watch Netflix in the coziest ways.

You can get the ones shown above right here!


No. 4. Pajamas. 
When you’re cozy-ing your bedroom up, you better have on some warm, pretty pajamas, or the mix won’t be complete! I told you you can never have enough candles, well, you can’t have too many pajamas either! Have one for every week of the month, for all I care, just look snug and go steady!


No. 5. A ticket to a lovely place.
You can make this one as expensive or non-expensive as you’d like. It can vary from a ticket to a movie you can go and see together to a ticket to Paris to have dinner at a good restaurant. These are surprises anyone will love! I think experiences surpass things you by from the store by far! Experiences make you a different person, a better you, you can’t get a better gift than that, if you’d ask me.


No. 6. Jewellery. 
This is a tough one for some people, since jewellery is a very personal thing. I can go through the biggest store and find just two things I actually really like, so make sure you know what you’re doing with this one.
If you know a person very well, or hear them talk about the things they love a lot, you should be able to execute this well though! Just think of the kind of person they are. Are they delicate? Are they bold? This might give you somewhat of an idea of what kinds of things suit them. Good luck!

You can get those beautiful necklaces shown above right here! 


No. 7. Scarves. 
Cozy-ing up isn’t just for indoors, you should also be as cozy as you’d like when you’re out, so a good scarf is everything! There are some things you should think about, though. It has to be soft, not too short, not too long, a colour that suits the person (and their wardrobe), material that the person you’re giving it too isn’t allergic to and well, it has to be darn pretty!

You can get the one shown above right here! 


No. 8. Artsy stuff for your home. 
Whenever I’m on my laptop and I’m just doing a little bit of nothing, Etsy always ends up on my screen. I love this website to the bone, and for good reason! Everything that’s sold on Etsy is original, fun and just downright beautiful! The things I like looking at the most are the artsy things you can buy for your home, such as posters and figurines. Those are the things that make your home your home, and having someone give you something pretty like that makes them a very lovable person.

You can the the awesome print shown above, right here! 


No. 9. Notebooks. 
Another addiction of mine is notebooks. I’ve got so many of them, I could write lists for the rest of my life, but still I’m buying new ones. Notebooks are also something that can be quite personal, though. It has to suit you, because your thoughts will be in it. But on the other hand, if you don’t love the exterior of it you can also use it as a little book to draw your silly doodles in.

You can get the ones shown above, right hereee! 

No. 10. Books. 
There are always new books I’d like to read, and I’m pretty sure that’s the same for all the other book lovers out there. And yes, this can be another hard one, because it can be quite hard to find a book you like for yourself, let alone for someone else, but just listen to the person throughout the whole year. Analyze the books they’ve been talking about and don’t have and get them those, or think of the ones they do have and love and search for something similar.
If you want to make this a whole lot easier for yourself, you could also just ask them for a list of the books they want, really.


No. 11. Cookbooks. 
I’m being a little more specific on this one, because I think it deserves it. Food is something that is, and will always be, in our lives a lot. I think food is one of the most wonderful things ever, because it means so much. You can experiment with it, try new things every day, it can bring people together and it’s just a really big part in our lives. Because of these reasons, I think everyone should have a few (or a lot!) good cookbooks in their cupboard. If you’re not a good cook yet, learn it using books that make you want to get better at it. Try things, fail miserably at times and then try again. It will make others praise you and you will feel good about yourself. What’s a better gift than the inspiration for lovely meals, huh?
Another idea is to give someone a book in which they can write their own recipes, so their lovely meals can stay with them forever!

The little cooking notebook shown above can be bought right here!

These are all just basics for when you’ve got no idea on what to get for the lovely ladies you know. I hope it has given you some inspiration and that you and the people you love will have the greatest Christmas ever!

Have a lovely rest of the day and be on the lookout for reindeers with red noses!

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