9 Christmas Gifts For Fantastic Gentlemen.

As well as ladies, gentlemen can be hard to buy for. Now December has begun and Christmas is only weeks away, it’s time to get our act together and search for nice gifts for our boyfriends/guy friends. Everyone deserves nice things, instead of something you just happened to see at the store (except that being the perfect gift for him, then you take it and run!).

Honestly, I find most people hard to buy for, except for the people who are really, really close to me (with which I mean I talk to them almost every single day). It’s a good thing I actually love to search for the perfect gift. That one thing that suits that one person that one year. Because, yes, we change every year. Our friends change every year. Something you got them 3 years ago, they might have loved then, and wouldn’t appreciate getting now. People change, their habits change, their interests change, you if you don’t like the hunt for the perfect gift, it will be a pain in the bum every single year. But I’m coming to the rescue! As you’ve seen earlier this week, I’m making gift guides for ladies and gents, to help you out on your hunt. I hope you enjoy them and most of all, I hope they help.


No. 1. Whiskey sets. 
Or other beverages of their choice, of course. Most men I know like a good glass of alcohol, and I think everyone who can appreciate the good stuff (high quality drinks, not lemonade with a small percentage of alcohol in it) deserves a good set to put their loved beverages in. It looks cool, it feels cool, it is cool. (Not drinking alcohol is just as cool guys, don’t get me wrong here.)

The very, very cool set shown above can be purchased right here!


No. 2. Scarves. 
Yes, men also deserve to have warm necks. They also deserve to look cool (where we look fabulous, they look cool) in their winter gear, and so they deserve some high quality stuff. If you’ve got that one friend that needs another little stylish piece in his wardrobe, this might be something for you to get him.


No. 3. Artsy fartsy stuff for his home. 
There are a lot of men who aren’t really into accessorizing their homes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help them with it. Just make sure you find something really cool that suits them, as well as their homes. I’m pretty sure almost everyone will like to get a little piece of art, given by a lovely human being.

That pretty darn cool bear print shown above can be purchased right here!


No. 4. A razorblade set. 
And no, I’m not talking about a set of razors you can get at Boots, don’t be silly. I mean some really cool, high end, good quality and very awesome looking stuff. A woman that cares well for herself needs a well groomed man, so this might be just what you were looking for.

The very cool, high end, good quality and very awesome looking set shown above can be purchased right here!


No. 5. A journal.
Yep, just as some women, some men like to write down their thoughts. And whether they’ll use it for work or to write down their dreams when they wake up in the middle of the night, a good looking journal is always a good gift.

The one shown above can be purchased right here! 

No. 6. Books. 
Men write, so men read. As well as women, men who read will always have lists of books they’ll still want to read. You can either listen to them very closely all year long, to try and find that ultimate book, or you could just ask them which ones they still want and get them one of those. You can make this as easy or as hard as you want to!

No. 7. Cookbooks. 
Same story, men cook, so men needs cookbooks. Everyone needs cookbooks, whether they’re really into cooking yet or not. Everyone can learn to cook, if they want to. If you know the man you’re buying your gift for really likes steaks, give him a steak related cookbook. It’s simple, I’m telling you.

No. 8. Pajamas. 
Yessss, men also deserve to be warm and goodlooking at night. If you want to do this, give him pajamas of good quality. I’m sure he’ll really appreciate something cozy.


No. 9. Showergels/soaps. 
Men need to smell nice. Whether they want to for themselves or not, if you want to get a lovely girl, you should smell lovely. I’m not talking about expensive perfumes or anything, just wash yourself well and your own lovely manly scent will come out.

Want to feel like the ultimate man? How about some real manly man soap?

That’s it for this little Christmas-y gift guide (which you can ofcourse also use for any other occasion to buy your fantastic gentlemen fantastic gifts). I hope you got some real inspiration out of it and you will try your best to find the ultimate gifts for the wonderful guys in your life.

Have a lovely rest of the day and be sure to give love to the people who need it.

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