Things I’m Thankful For.

As we all know, it was Thanksgiving in America last week. After all the different photos of huge meals, turkeys and lot’s of families, I came to think of what it was all about. I started thinking about all the things I’m thankful for in my life. The things that made me happy, the things that have teached me something, people that mean something (or a lot). I wanted to make a list of all the things I feel grateful for, to commemorate it every year. Looking back on a year or growth, loss, gain, acceptance and a lot of other things. Some of these things will be very deep, some won’t seem to be very deep, and some just won’t be very deep, but still mean an awful lot to me.

I think for most people really feeling grateful for what they’ve got is quite a hard thing, because most people only want more. It’s never enough. Their job is never fun enough, it never pays enough, their friends are never fun enough, their lives are never exciting enough. Once you stop thinking like that, your life will forever be good just as is. Let’s join together and all make lists of the things we feel thankful for, and really thank the earth for it (or whoever of whatever you believe in).

Things I’m thankful for:
❥My father who has cared for me so well through all the years I’ve been alive.
❥My nan and granddad who always welcome me in their home as if it’s my own.
❥The fact that I got hired for a new job when I needed that.
❥The fact that there’s so many inspirational people in the world.
❥Really fun animated films that always brighten my mood.
❥My best friend, who has been by my side for many years and who I’d like to marry, even though we’re not lesbians.
❥The fact that I’m healthy, and if I’m not, there’s always someone who will care for me.
❥The fact that I can write down my feelings at all times and share it with people without being judged.
❥Red wine, which is practically the most wonderful thing on earth.
❥Wonderful books written by wonderful people.
❥The fact that Christmas is coming soon.
❥Tea, which is something that can give me comfort at all times.
❥Living in a country where I can feel safe.
❥My best friends’ parents who have given me a glorious youth.
❥Christmas trees.
❥Beautiful notebooks.
❥Being able to grow as a person every day of my life.
❥Knowing that whatever happens, there will always be people who support me.
❥Feeling wonderful in dresses.
❥Being able to completely be myself around some people and still be appreciated just as much.
❥Knowing that every day will bring me somewhere new.
❥Being able to travel where I want, when I want.
❥The rest of my family, who always stand by eachother, even though we’re all very different kinds of people.
❥Knowing I can change things for the better, for myself as well as for others.
❥Being able to help someone out when they need it.
❥Knowing that my knowledge can take me places I’ve never been before.
❥Being able to read and write.
❥Having gone to school as a child, even though I didn’t always like it back then.
❥Knowing people believe in me, even when I make choices they don’t always agree with.
❥Being able to understand someone else’s opinion, even when I don’t agree with it.
❥Knowing I can come for in life, as long as I fully believe in myself and the choices I make.
❥Being able to meditate when I need it.
❥Being able to draw inspiration from people I’ve never met in real life.
❥Lipsticks who make me feel like an ultimate woman sometimes.
❥Knowing I’m being loved at all times, by a multitude of people.
❥Watching series that bring my always overflowing mind to rest when I need it.
❥Beautiful colours.
❥Knowing I can get through a lot.
❥Being able to support the ones I love when they need it.
❥Music that makes me lose control and dance like a goofball.
❥Taking baths after long hard days.
❥Knowing I can dream of things and maybe even make them come true one day.
❥Still being naive enough to really believe in my dreams. My naivety might actually help me accomplish things.
❥Knowing what love is.

And that’s my list for now. If you want to join me in this and make your own list, please feel free to do that, if you want to share it with me, you can do that on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram.
Please know I will always be thankful for anyone who will take the time to read my words.

Have a lovely rest of the day and don’t forget that enjoying your life is the most important thing there is.

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