Rose’s Favourites: The Purge & The Purge Anarchy.

When I came back from London last Friday I was in need of some serious rest. We had walked for approximately eight hours every day and my whole body was aching a little, so I decided to do absolutely nothing on Saturday.

After doing absolutely nothing for a whole afternoon, my boyfriend came over and it was time to do absolutely nothing together for a whole evening. Most of the time, we end up watching some bad TV programs on Saturday night, but we thought it was time to watch a kick ass movie. Earlier that week, we saw a poster of the Purge Anarchy on the tube and we thought we would give it a go.

The thing these films are about is that America at some point thinks it’s a good idea to let people do whatever the hell they want for 12 hours straight. No police, no fire brigades, no hospitals. Everything is legal, including murdering someone.
This ‘Purge’ meant as a catharsis for all Americans, or well, that is stated by the government. The actual truth is that the Purge is a way to artificially control the population. Poorer people, as well as homeless, are the greatest targets, so the ‘lowest’ rank of the population disappears whilst the higher ranks stay alive and bring the economy to the highest point it has ever been at.


The Purge. 
You could say the idea behind the Purge is digusting, and it is, really, but I have to say it does make a good film. In the first film ‘The Purge’ so get into the house of a rather wealthy family, consisting of a mother (Mary), father (James), daughter (Zoey) and son (Charlie). Their house is fully locked up at the time the annual Purge starts and the family is off to do their thing, basically hanging out in their home as they would on any other night.
After a while, Charlie hears someone screaming for help, and with his kind heart decides to help the man standing outside bathing in blood. Let’s say his kind heart may cause some trouble and bring them in danger (I’m not giving anything more away, I want you to sit on the edge of your seat whilst watching this film!).
I do have to warn you, this film has one moment where I shocked so bad, I literally jumped up.


The Purge: Anarchy.
The second film was what I expected from the first one (oh, I forgot to tell you, we watched part 1&2 right after eachother, since the first one was so good!). People on the streets, doing all sorts of incredibly disgusting things, killing people they’ve never met before. This one will absolutely get you on the edge of your seat, I can promise you that.
The Purge Anarchy follows a group of people that has been brought together in a miraculous way (as it goes in all films, you know, things happen). They go looking for a safe place and come across all sorts of weird, scary people.

These are the kinds of scary films I like to watch, mostly because they’re really not that scary. It’s mostly just being sucked into the story and feeling a little tense at some moments. I really recommend these pretty darn cool films, so next time you want to see something thrilling, try the Purge!

Have a lovely rest of the day and know you’re always able to try new things in life.

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