Week 50: Lumberjacks, Birth Control And A Really Young Feminist.

As most of you probably know right now, this week has been quite the big one for me. I uncovered some big news, and it’s safe to say the changes that I’ll be going through in the next few months will be huge, but fantastic. My head has been going on like crazy this week, which meant I needed some distraction every once in a while (really, if I’d let my head do whatever it wants, I’d go mental) and happily there’s a lot of things able to distract me on the internet.

Time to share this week’s most fun distractions with you!

Here’s one great guide to making your home ready for Christmas! And all that for under $100!

The most fantastic greyhound ever being happy on the beach. Look at him jump around, awww.

For the New Girl-fans in the house, young Schmidt singing Rihanna. Fun. Fun. Fun-er than fun!

This video of people boosting other people’s confidence. Heartwarming it is. Extremely heartwarming.

A little girl who already knows how to be a feminist. I laughed my socks off!

Some people that should leave Christmas to the professionals. Oh, those poor baked goods..

This woman who kicked the asses of some anti-abortion protestors. Who doesn’t love people like this?!

Some things you might want to know about birth control. In a fun(ish) way!

A post that’s really close to my heart. I’m an introvert and I’m okay, I read all night and I sleep all day! (Yes, you should read that like it’s this song!)

How to stop saying things you might regret. We all do it sometimes.

Some really, really satisfying moments. Everyone loves a bit of satisfaction.

These kids compare barbies with dolls with meisurements of the average American teen. Yup, pretty powerful stuff.

These cuter than cute holiday cookies. Should you even eat them?

There’s some really inspirational stuff in this one, isn’t there? I guess when Christmas is getting closer, I get more sentimental and I want to read and see more beautiful gestures, rather than just fun stuff 24/7.
Everyday I hope the people who read my blog are people who find doing good as important as I do. People who think of the world as a beautiful place, even though it has it’s weak spots. People who see those weak spots and think of how to change them, think of solutions. I love people who have something they stand for, something they can talk about passionately and something they want to share with someone else, just to make this beautiful world even more fantastic.

Yes, sometimes I just want you to realise that it’s good to have a mission. It’s great to look around the internet for inspiration and be on the lookout for other wonderful people. I just want to share my passion with you and I’d love it if you’d share yours with me too (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you know the drill).

Alright, I wish you the most wonderful week 51.

Have a lovely rest of the day and remember to do something nice every day, even if it’s just something small!

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