My 9 Favourite iPhone Apps.

Almost everyone I know has got a smartphone. Honestly, I couldn’t really live without mine anymore. All my favourite things (slight exaggeration) are combined in this little device, which I can take anywhere at any time. I love to hear and see what apps someone else loves, so today I want to share my faves with you!

Leeeeeeet’s go!

No. 1. Afterlight. 
My all time favourite app. Kind of. At least for photos it is. This app works absolute wonders on even the least fantastic photos and you can make everything into a little piece of art (you can really go overboard with this one, but in a good way). I use this one for all the photos that go up on my social media, just to perfect them a little bit more.
It does cost £0,69, but it’s more than worth it!

You can download Afterlight right here! 

No. 2. Viber. 
Since we don’t live together, me and my boyfriend call every night (for 30 to 75 minutes) just to go over our days. Imagine the phone bills if we were to do that without this wondrous app! Viber lets you call another smartphone over the internet, so when you’re connected to WiFi, it doesn’t cost you anything!

You can download Viber right here! 

No. 3. FatSecret. 
Earlier this year I decided to lose some weight. I had done this before and knew that it works best for me when I count my calories. I went looking for something to help me with that without costing me too much time and FatSecret came out to be just that! You just select what you’ve eaten (and how many grams of it) and the app does the rest!

You can download FatSecret right here!

No. 4. Timehop. 
I’m sure lots of you know about this magical app by now, but for those who don’t, Timehop is an app which shows you what you’ve put on your social media one year ago, two years ago, three years ago and so forth. It’s just really fun to see what you did on this day four years ago, and what I find most fun is to see how I’ve changed over the years.

You can download Timehop right here! 

No. 5. IMDb. 
Whenever I want to watch a film I find it incredibly hard to choose one, so it’s nice to have a list ready for you to choose from. I always put films I still want to watch on my Watchlist and films I’ve already seen I give a rating (which makes it go on another list), so eveything is always nice and organized!

You can download the IMDb app right here! 

No. 6. PHHHOTO. 
This definitely is one of the funniest apps I’ve got on my iPhone. PHHHOTO makes GIFs of whatever you choose to ‘film’. You can put your GIFs on every kind of social media you’re on and make the people who know you laugh about your funny actions (of course you can also use it to make something beautiful, but everything I make with it comes out rather.. peculiar).

You can download PHHHOTO right here! 

No. 7. Duolingo.
A free, easy and fun way to learn the basics of another language. And you can take it with you wherever you go. Ideal? Yes! Go and get it now!

You can download Duolingo right here! 

No. 8. Moldiv. 
I don’t make too many collages on my phone, but when I do I use this wonderful app. What’s so darn fantastic about it is that you can make collages in all sorts of shapes, which makes them 127338742183 times more great!

You can download Moldiv right here! 

No. 9. iTV Shows. 
I absolutely love watching series online. The only thing is that I end up watching 15 of them at the same time and things get a little messed up when that happens. That’s exactly where iTV Shows comes to the rescue! You can put in all the series you’re watching and what episode you watched last, so when you want to start with it 7 months later, you’ll know what you saw last. Pretty. Darn. Fantastic.

You can download iTV Shows right here!

So, those apps all have a little place in my heart (exaggeration. Exaggeration. No shame.). They’ve all got something fun, nice, awesome, hip, great or fantastic (or all that combined) and I find all of them to be indispensable.

Have a lovely rest of the day and know it’s Christmas in 9 daaaaaays!

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