Morning Truths.

December is a greatly busy month for me, which results in me not having too much time to write every day. I always feel really bad when there’s isn’t something up on my blog every day, so I thought I had to come up with something to make that change for the better.


After searching the internet for a while, I found some really fun ‘writing challenges’ and I thought I could use those very well, so here I am today, doing my very first ‘Morning Truths’. Some writing challenges I came across were just some basic questions about you, your life or what you like and I have to say almost all of them made me quite excited.
Okay, so here’s the idea: each morning there will be a question up on my blog with a fully honest answer to accompany it. Some questions might be deep, some might be about the food I ate the day before. I will try and balance out the fun and deep stuff as much as I can and I promise I will always be fully honest.
Of course, next to these Morning Truths, there still will be some big posts up in the evening, but in December that will probably not happen every day. A lot is happening and I need my time to arrange things with my moving to England, Christmas and some family stuff, so you could say I’m really rather busy right now.
This is just a way to make sure I can talk to you every single day and just have some fun!

Let’s get going with the very first Morning Truths.

Your current relationship. 
I’m currently in a relationship with my boyfriend, Erik. We’ve been together for over three years now and we’re doing very well. Erik is actually my very first ‘serious’ boyfriend and I feel very lucky to have him in my life. He’s such an interesting person and well, he completes me. As I am a huuuuge introvert, enjoying sitting in silent corners at parties and talking with whichever animal is present at that time, he’s more of a extrovert, talking to all the people he knows or meeting new ones. We really are different kinds of people, but as I said, we complete eachother, and as my nan always says: that’s the best kind of relationship.
We are going through some stuff now, with me moving to England and all that, but I think we both don’t fully realize yet what that means exactly. We will see each other as often as we possibly can, but of course some things will change majorly. I am kind of afraid of what’s coming, since we’ll both be quite busy (he’ll be rather busy with his band, Kinkobra), but I’m sure we’ll make the very best of it.

Well, that was quite deep stuff for the first edition of Morning Truths, wasn’t it? I really like being able to write down what I feel and share it with you, knowing people might like to know that there are people out there who feel the same as they do.

Have a lovely rest of the day and know that there’s someone out there for everyone!

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