Morning Truths: Some Tips And Truths About Something Popular.


Hey, I’m in another country today! I’m in the Czech Republic with my family for the weekend and it sure is nice to see them again after one and a half years. I love this place so much, the mountains surrounding me, the lovely people with their open hearts, being outside as much as I can, seeing new things, experiencing things I’ve never experienced before. There was a time I was sure I’d move here, that thought has passed a little, since the UK has stolen my heart, but I still love the vibe this country has. Well, after expressing my deep love for the Czech Republic, it’s time to get going with Morning Truths!

Your view on drugs and alcohol. 
As a matter of fact, I’ve got quite the clear view on this subject. As some of you might know, my mother passed away when I was a young girl, she has had a tough childhood, which I will not go into detail about, but let me just tell you, I couldn’t ever imagine all the things she has been through. Of course, the East of Europe is known for drinking a lot of alcohol, and it’s true, people here like to drink when they’ve got some time off. And I get it, it’s nice to feel released from all your pain, having your sorrows being pulled away by mister Boozey, but it’s also really bad for you to drink too much. My mum passed away because she was an alcoholic. One night, she drank too much, awful things happened and she was taken from the world. As you might understand, alcohol is a touchy subject for me, not only because it took my mum, but years later it took someone else in my family too.
Now, you might think I absolutely resent it, not ever having touched a drop of liquor, but that’s not true. I enjoy my glass of red wine when I’m writing at night or when I’m having dinner with friends. I just know my limit. And sadly, I also know that a lot of people I know don’t know theirs, and that pains me every day. Having fun with a glass of liquor is okay, but you should know when to take a glass of water instead.
I think the same about drugs. Exactly the same. You can have fun with it (but always know whether or not it’s good, have it tested if you’re in doubt about that!), but know your limit. You always have to be careful with yourself and your body, because it’s the only one you’ll get and you’ll have to do with it till you die.
Of course, this might not be something you’re thinking about at this time of the day, but please always be careful with yourself.

Have a lovely rest of the day and don’t forget you can make things happen as long as you’re willing to focus on it fully.

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