Morning Truths: An Atheist Talking About The Beauty And Non-Beauty Of Religion.


This week is such a turbulent but nice one! Finally I’ve got time to spend with my family, not worrying about a thing and just relaxing together. I’m having a wonderful time in a lovely country and, as always, I don’t want to leave!
Well, that being saidm let’s get going with some Morning Truths.

Your views on religion. 
This is something I have thought about quite a lot in the past years, mostly because there’s so much to it, it really has no end.
I think religion has started as a beautiful thing, being something to help people getting through their lives in the best way. There was a time when people didn’t know where thunder came from, so they created a god to explain it. The world has seen some dark times, and people didn’t know all we know nowadays, so  for back then I completely love the idea of religion.
Nowadays things are different though. I am an atheist. Not because I don’t want to believe, simply because I just don’t. My parents both weren’t religious and I didn’t go to a school that thaught religion either, so I simply didn’t grow up with it. I have to say, there are religions I find wonderfully fascinating, such as Buddhism. Buddhism really is the only thing I’d ever consider to ‘follow’ when it comes to religion. I love the thought that comes with it, the people who devote their lives to actually making the world a better place, just by starting with themselves.
One thing find hard to think about is what bad things religion has brought the world over the past decades. How many people have been slaughtered because they believed in something else than someone else. Of course the first thing people will think about when they read that, will be WWII, but the slaugther began long before that. People were killed because they didn’t believe, people fought others, simply because they believed someone else ruled us from above.
I’m happy to not believe in any gods, not having to follow all the rules, but being able to make my own. I know I’m doing well as an atheist and I’ll never change that, which makes my mind free for doing whatever it thinks is best.

Yes, religion can be a wonderful thing, being able to bring people together, but I’m happy to just believe in myself.

Have a wonderful rest of the day and try and picture yourself in a different world for once, it’ll be fun!

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