Bristolian Bloggers Unite.

I know I haven’t been in Bristol for too long, but I’m already proud to be living in this wonderful city. It’s full of culture, wonderful people and apparently there are also heaps of bloggers to be found. The only thing is… I don’t know where to find them.


The blogging community is growing bigger and bigger every day, people want to be able to make their thoughts known to others and the internet is a (most of the time) wonderful place to do that. I think this is a great community to be in, people are supportive of one another and try to help each other grow. I can hardly fantasize about something more amazing than being able to meet other people who are passionate about blogging (no matter which subject they’re blogging about, really) and have long conversations over coffee and cake. Those fantasies have made me get into action and set up a group on Facebook called ‘Bristolian Bloggers‘.

In this group I want people from the area of Bristol (so people from Bath and other surrounding cities/towns are also more than welcome to join) to be able to connect with one another, make new friends, have discussions about blogs and drink heaps of tea/coffee (whatever floats your boat).
In this group you’re free to post questions, incredible posts, magnificent photos and ideas. If this thing starts getting into shape, I would like to organize some meetups, either really exciting things like going to a concert, or just having coffee on a thursday afternoon, so we can all connect.
Just think of all the people out there that are as passionate about your favourite thing to do as you are and you’re just missing out on some fantastic conversations you could have with them!

Even though this group is called Bristolian Bloggers, I think it would be quite fun to also have some photographers, writers and purely creative people to the group. I want everyone to be able to interact, get to know other people and maybe network a little. Let’s make this something nice, fun and possibly big!

If you would like to contact me about any questions, you can easily send me a message on  Facebook or Twitter.

Have a lovely rest of the day and don’t forget to join the group!

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