How I’m Making 2015 The Best Year Yet.

I think it’s wonderful that every year we get a new year for free. A new moment to reconsider your life’s path and think about whatever you want to change. And we don’t even have to pay anything for it.

This year I’m going to try to make some changes that will affect my whole life. Things that will benefit everything. EVERYTHING. Good stuff, huh.

Well, lets get on with the list!

No. 1. Take care of myself. 

The past few weeks I’ve had this strange feeling inside me that didn’t feel very good. My body was trying to tell me something, it took me a while to realize what that was, but I’ve finally discovered what my own self had tried to make clear to me for about a month: “Take care of yourself!”.
Yes, it’s true, I’ve neglected myself for the past month, and I have done so by eating absolutely awfully, not writing enough, not reading enough and not planning enough me-time. My face had been telling me for a while (my skin has been doing rather terrible), I didn’t have much energy, I got cranky every time a minor bump got in my way and my creativity had left the building.

I have never realized how much good food does for your skin. Lots of chocolate has passed my way in December and January and I just grabbed whatever I could grab (don’t tell anyone, but I’m a secret eater…).
I think I do partly know why I’ve done such a horrible job at taking care of myself throughout December: Stress. As you all know all too well by now, I decided to take  huge step in life and that did bring a lot of stress with itself. I am quite the emotional eater, I eat when I feel bad, because I think it makes me feel better (and it does for a while, but then I feel worse and I eat more and feel better again, but then I feel worse again and eat more to feel better again and after that I feel worse and better and worse and better and in the end I always end up feeling worse).

Okay, you know my problems by now, but what am I going to do about it? Simple. I’m going to get back to my healthy eating habits (I might even try out the 80/20 method which I heard about a while ago). I am going to make sure I get at least an hour of me-time per week. I need to plan in some time to write, no matter at what hour or on which day, it just needs to happen (more on that later on).

No. 2. Learn. 

I honestly think 2015 is a big year for me. I’m allowing myself to find out who I am and what I want. I’ve given myself a special kind of freedom to grow and, as far as I’m concerned, learning is a big part of growing. I think learning something new every day should be doable for everyone, since it doesn’t really matter what you learn, as long as it interests you. Watch documentaries, read books, go to museums, take a cookery class (or any class for that matter), talk to people who know things you’re interested in, the possibilities are endless!
‘Learn something new every day’ is going to be a real thing for me in 2015 and I’m really happy to be in a place where that’s easy as pie, since Bristol has so much to offer.

No. 3. Explore. 

This one really goes hand in hand with learning. When you explore places, you learn about them, about the people in them and about their history (depending on which places you’re exploring, of course). I think traveling is one of the most wonderful things to do and even though it sounds like you have to cross borders, I don’t think you really have to. Big chance there are places near you that have some funky spots to hang out in. Maybe there’s a lovely village nearby in which you can get some excellent lunch and just wander when your tummy is full. Maybe there’s a lovely museum just a few kilometers away. Maybe there are places in your own city you’ve never visited.

I try to take time every day for a good walk, that might be half an hour in a park nearby or exploring the nice bits of Bristol for an hour or two, but I do make sure I go somewhere I’ve never been before every day. It’s so nice to stumble upon a nice statue or a lovely little shop I’ve never seen before.
Let’s all be explorers together!

No. 4. Meet new people. 

Meeting new people is inevitable for me this year, that’s something that’s for sure. So far I’ve already met about eight people, had good conversations with them and made sure that I’d see them again (that happens when you move in with strangers, you know), but that’s not completely what I’m talking about here. I want to make an effort to actually meet new people. Go to meetups with strangers that have the same interests, start talking to someone that seems interesting on Twitter, go to a bar and just get into a conversation with someone. I think meeting new people can change you, it can change your whole life and it can help you grow (grow is the codeword today) as a person.

I found this website a few days ago called MeetUp and it allows you to join groups and go to activities that interest you with people you’ve never met before. Risky? A little. Fun? A lot!

No. 5. Read. 

I adore reading. When I read a good book, I keep living in that world for as long as I haven’t finished it (and sometimes even beyond that) and I find it hugely interesting to see how others play with words. The only problem is that I often don’t finish my books, or take half a year to finish one. And that has to stop. I want to take time to read at least half an hour a day, more if possible, so I can finally add a bunch of new books to my ‘have read’-list.

I think reading fuels your brain, especially when you’re into writing yourself. It teaches you things. I’m convinced that everyone should read, whether that’s reading a magazine, a short story or a 1000 page book, I couldn’t care less, but You. Need. To. Read. I’m trying to get my boyfriend in to reading too (this far I got him to read about two pages of The Hobbit) and it’s one of the hardest tasks I have ever given myself, because he just doesn’t take time to do it.
I don’t get people who can’t see the joy of reading books, and those people probably don’t get me either, but I just think your brain works a little bit better when you read (don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against people who don’t read, but it’s just such a joyful thing to do!). It keeps your fantasy going and is able to help you see worlds you’ve never seen before.
Reading is wonderful and everyone should at least try to read a thin, 200 page book. Thank you for your time.

I know I’m a bit late to the game, since we’re almost at the end of January, but I still wanted to share this little list with you. For some reason it feels like 2015 might very well be ‘my year’ and I want to inspire as much of you as I possibly can to make it your year too! Let’s make ourselves the most wonderful us we can be, huh. We can do it!

I think all of these things are very, very doable. It’s probably more a matter of planning and getting into a new routine, but it’ll get easier every day. It will get easier to stay away from the bad stuff and heal yourself to be the best you. Everyone deserves to take care of themselves. Yes, you do too.

Have a wonderful rest of the day and don’t forget to enjoy the little things!

2 thoughts on “How I’m Making 2015 The Best Year Yet.

    1. It is everything, isn’t it? If you don’t care for yourself, how are you supposed to care for others?
      Thank you for your kind reply! I hope you have a wonderful year that brings you a lot of beautiful things!


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