Hello there, gorgeous, how’s your week been? What I’ve been doing? Oh, just going back home after three months of being away, seeing my family again, going to Holland’s best theme park, crying over how cute the ducks were. You know, the usual.

So in the past week I’ve seen my dad for the first time in three months, which was beautifully emotional and magnificent, but I also had an important realisation: I do not want to live in the Netherlands again anytime soon. I felt so out of place in my own hometown, even though I’ve lived there all my life. On one hand it’s pretty amazing, because now I know for sure that I can start planning (a part) of my future here in London, but on the other hand it’s pretty sad to know that I won’t live close to my family anymore (the Australians I know will hate me for this, it’s only 45 minutes by plane, but whatever).
Emotions aside, I’m so happy to be back in London and to really get back to work!

Another big thing for me in the past week is that I decided to quit sugar. I’ve seen posts going around for a while and last Thursday, when I sat at my computer after finishing a good slab of chocolate, I came across this post by Jamie Oliver, which was just the sign I needed. After I read it I went from post to post to post to find out all the reasons to quit sugar (spoiler: there are a lot). The day after I watched That Sugar Film and it absolutely blew my mind and made me want to go through with it even more (spoiler no. 2: the fact that sugar makes you fat is just the tip of the iceberg). I have to say, it’s goddamn hard. It’s hard to stop with an addiction, because that’s what sugar is, it’s more addictive than cocaine, and it’s even harder to do it in today’s society where sugar is in practically everything you can get from the store. But it’s worth it, 100%. (I feel a sugar-related post coming up, keep your eyes peeled!)

“We are not perfect but I made a big effort to actually change the way I saw food and the way I reacted and then how I dealt with emotions. For me, this was an emotional journey through food.” – Kate Harris

Even though we’ve had some amazingly warm days this week, we all know autumn is coming and I’m just going to say it: I’m excited as hell. Autumn is my favourite season, I love walking through the crispy leaves wearing layers of comfy clothes and coming home to a cup of tea afterwards. I love the oranges, reds and browns. I love that wasps aren’t around as much anymore. I love scarfs and I love boots. I love that it gets dark earlier. I love cosy nights in with lovely people and a good film. And that last bit is where we are going next: films.

Ever since I got my Cineworld card I’ve been going to the cinema at least once a week, which is why I’m all the more excited for all these 37 films that will come out this autumn. I may or may not have screaming ‘yeeeeeeees’ at most of them. I may or may not.

And if you’re more of a ‘I’d rather watch films at home where I can pause them whenever I want and I can lay down on the sofa and really cuddle up with my lover’ kind of person and you like thrillers as much as I do, here’s a list of 25 amazing psychological thrillers. In all honesty, I may skip the horror ones, or at least find an accomplice to watch them with because I always get so, so, so scared.

The cutest ones in town. #goddamnIloveducks

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To celebrate the fact that I’ve decided to stay here for a lot longer and simply because when you live in one of the world’s most amazing cities, you might as well make use of it, I wrote down all these things to do in London and I’m going to do one of them each week. Hooray to creating new memories!

What I’m up to. 
There’s a lot of catching up that needs to be done this weekend, and since I’ll be home alone with lovely little Chips I’ll devote most of my time to creating, working, writing, pretending to be business-y and all that.
I will however go out to see Tom Hardy times two in the cinema tonight (I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am. Times two. TIMES TWO.) and I’m checking out a hip cocktail bar tomorrow, so I won’t be completely housebound. (Check out Instagram for possible photos of hip cocktails, cute Chippy, ducks, inspirational words, a recap on this week or other stuff that magically appears in my life in the upcoming few days!)

I wish you the most magically superb weekend,

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Images: header by Oscar Keys.

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