This week.. Oh, this week. What a crazy ride I’ve been on. I feel like my whole energy has been shifting ever since I got back from Holland. I’m getting closer to my inner me, my peaceful being, my boundless joy. Though some of you may not want to know any of this (in which case, just scroll down to the sum of links, you’ll find those fun anyway), I think it’s important to share with you what I’m going through, because being truthful is a big part of this blog. I want to be honest about my journey, about where I came from and about what I see for my future. I want to be real about who I am and what I do, because if I wouldn’t be real, how could I ever give profound advice?

Earlier this week I was going through my podcast app, looking for something to listen to whilst getting ready in the morning. And as I flicked through all the different categories, self-help was the one I got stuck on, because self-improvement is something I think of as being very important all day, every day. I was scrolling and scrolling until I saw a familiar name: Gabrielle Bernstein. I’ve been following Gabrielle for quite a long time, but I had no idea about her podcast and I felt this rush of excitement go through me, as if I knew what was in store for my being, for my soul. I instantly downloaded a load of her podcasts and chose to listen to one about desire. Every single word she said resonated with me, the practices felt true, they felt close. As I was getting ready, I didn’t yet realise that I had just done something so big, so life-changing. That realisation came that night, when I was cooking dinner and I put on another podcast, one about manifesting your desires. I listened so carefully and felt emotion coming up more and more as Gabby spoke about the simple things we can all do to improve our lives, to improve ourselves. When I was done eating and went back up to my room I decided to meditate, something I hadn’t done for a very long time. I felt peace, I felt whole, I felt a rush of excitement come into me and another leave.
Ever since that night I’ve been on a journey of coming closer toward myself, toward the life I’m actually willing to lead. I’ve been talking about it with some people, and the ones of whom I expected to wave away the idea as ‘stupidly hokey pokey’ seemed all the more interested, truly and profoundly and that warmed my heart in ways you can’t even imagine.
What I can tell you now is that Rose’s Little Garden may add a little bit of spiritual zing to it from now on, because what’s going on in my life and inside me will reflect on here, we are doing this together, after all. I hope you’re with me, because this journey is one I wouldn’t want to withhold from anyone.


As promised, I do have a little miscellany of links for you, as I do every week. After all, we all need something to keep us busy on our computers when we’re trying to avoid Facebook, don’t we?

Do you reach your full potential every day? From now on you definitely will. 

You know I love a good documentary. 

This is one of the best things I’ve read in ages. First of all, the guy’s name is Thor. Second: he’s got that lumberjack look *insert heart-eye emoji*. Third: he’s goddamn wise.

Sarcasm is the best. Period.

Okay, I’m 100% okay with not getting out of bed early (hooray for having a job where I don’t have to!), but I understand that you might feel the need for some tips and tricks on how to change your morning moods into more of a shiny happy people-vibe.

The best lifehacks of the year. YAAAHS.

Let’s think. 

Ghandi, everyone’s favourite wiseman, isn’t he?

Victoria Janashvili has created a photoseries to celebrate curvy women. Can I get a ‘hell yes’?!

“Even though the average American woman is a size 12, media still usually sets the standards of beauty at a smaller woman, making women, beautiful, healthy women — with curves, and boobs, and hips, and, yes, booties – feel an unjust pressure. So we are here now to celebrate the beauty of a healthy booty.”

This article – ohhhh. It made me tear up, because it’s just so right. Let’s all climb up that ladder of personal success together, okay?

We will become deep thinkers in the next year. How? Like this. 

Because sometimes impressing your fellow homo sapiens is pretty rad.

The most important quote you’ll read – possibly ever. 

The packaging. THE PACKAGING. (I’ll skip the ketchup lollipops though, thank you very much.)

What I’m up to. 
Brunch, brunch, brunch. It’s every sane person’s favourite meal, non? My cousin is in London for business this week and we’re going to grab a little early meal on Saturday, so beware of croissants coming up on your Instagram feed.
A lovely friend of mine also advised me to go and check out the Freud Museum here in London (of which I didn’t even know it existed, whaaaat?!), so I might try and fit that into my weekend as well. The rest is all still one big surprise, but I’m sure it’ll be a grandiose one.

I hope you have a rad weekend, love!

Schermafbeelding 2015-08-24 om 14.23.50

Images by Ashley Batz

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