I know a little secret. A way to feel more love, more soul, more happiness and more grace in every part of your life. It will enlighten your days, every day, every hour even. It will loosen you up, it will pull you out of your comfort zone, it will make you feel everything more deeply and more profoundly. It will guide you, to more sacred places, to more abundance, to more gratitude. The best thing about it is it’s so, so easy and you can do it everywhere, always. Do you want to know?

Okay. So the next time you stand in front of your mirror, criticising yourself about every flaw you can see, ranting on about everything that could improve in your life, I want to to shift your energy to happiness and give yourself a smile – a real smile. Look yourself in the eye and let the happiness beam off your face. Think about something that you are grateful for, something that you’re looking forward to, something remarkable that happened to you recently. Feel the emotions that come with the thought and release them. If you do this, and if you really mean it, your face will light up and you won’t be able to help yourself but to smile.


This practice has honestly improved my life in every single way. Of course, you can think about something funny and keep looking down at your phone without even the slightest change of face, but if you choose to really feel it you will show it as well. Ever since I’ve started doing this I’ve been smiling like a little goofball all day long, everywhere I go, in whatever situation. I’ve become that person who has you wondering what the fuck they’re smiling about in the middle of the street (the answer: everything). I smile when I walk past a mirror and catch my own glance, I smile when I walk the dog in the park, I smile when I’m writing and think of an anecdote to put in. I smile when I hear someone say something I can relate to, I smile when a stranger looks me in the eye, I smile when I think of all the London crazy that has manifested itself in my life recently. I smile all day, every day and it’s the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me.

Yes, if you do this in public the people around you may wonder why your smiling (or even laughing) at yourself, but who the hell cares?! That’s just another thing to smile about if you ask me. You can share it with yourself and that is enough, because your own happiness is your priority.

Try it, it will enhance your life – I promise.

Beams of sunlight and sparks of Jupiter,

Schermafbeelding 2015-08-24 om 14.23.50

Images: header photo by Eli DeFaria, jump by Redd Angelo.


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