Not everyone’s looks make me go wild like a horse. Not everyone’s eyes make me want to cry out of beauty. Not everyone’s hands make me want to see them just move for hours on end. But everyone, every single person I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, has something. There are certain things basically anyone could do that make me weak in the knees (or in the brain – at the very least). Everyone has a certain kind of sex appeal. Everyone has a chance of loving and being loved. These are the things that make me feel like you’re from another (hot as hell, venus-like) planet.

☾When someone talks about the thing they’re most passionate about and their eyes light up. They can keep going for hours on end and even though the particular subject might not interest me that much, I can keep listening for even longer. Hot damn.

☾When someone uses their hands to give the words they say even more meaning. Especially when they keep on doing it when they’re on the phone with someone, that’s when you know they really mean what they’re saying. Hot damn.


☾When someone works as hard as she or he needs to to achieve her of his goal and to live her or his dreams. Staying up until four, filled up with caffeine and sleep deprived for a week, just so they can share their creations with the world? Hot damn.

☾When someone is kind. Especially when no one has asked them to be, when it just comes from within, when they don’t even realise it necessarily. Hot damn.


☾When someone keeps learning, keeps improving her- or himself. When they know they’re never done taking in information. When they’re eager to understand the world a little bit better each day. Hot damn.

☾When you lose yourself in conversation with someone, when you both don’t realise you’ve been talking for four hours, when you go deep, when you spill the beans almost immediately, just because it feels good. Hot damn.


☾When someone listens to you and doesn’t try to change you in whatever way. When they know that you’re you, your life is yours and they appreciate you for that. Hot damn.

☾When someone knows how to have an argument with someone else without hurting them in any way. When they try to get their point across without making it personal. When they know that the other person doesn’t deserve to be slighted just because they believe something else. Hot damn.


☾When people spread their love around like it’s confetti. Hot damn.

☾When someone sees something they like and you see their eyes light up, you see the love in the gates to their soul, you feel the appreciation for the beauty they’re seeing. Hot damn.


☾When strangers smile at you on the street and you can see that they really want to send you some happiness rather than just being polite. Hot damn.

☾When someone knows a lot about a lot of things. When they’re universal in their knowledge. When they are able to talk about anything with anyone. Hot damn.

Hooooooot damn,

Schermafbeelding 2015-08-24 om 14.23.50

No, this post was not just a reason to share gorgeous photos of beautiful men. 
Yes, you’re welcome anyway. 

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