In a world where we have more options than ever before, where hardly anything is impossible and we’re all in connection to each other, why are we all still being such asses? (First of all: if you can give a good answer to that question, I’ll send you a biscuit.)

It’s a well-known fact that we are our own favourite topic of conversation. There’s no one in the world as important to you as yourself, no exceptions. Yeah, yeah, yeaaaaaah, we know you love them so much, you can’t possibly think of anything else -ever- and you’d give your life for them.

You’re still in your own head, though, and you doing something heroic for someone else is, subconsciously, still done because of how it reflects on you. (There’s a whole Friends episode about this, you know?)

So, in this world of ego’s, why can’t we just tell the rest of our own race that we’re proud. Why is it still a taboo to be happy, no matter what? Why will people still give me weird looks if I walk down the street smiling at them, simply because I’m having a radical day and I hope they are too?

“Everything is amazing right now and nobody’s happy. Like, in my lifetime the changes in the world have been incredible… Flying is the worst because people come back from flights and they tell you…a horror story…They’re like: “It was the worst day of my life. First of all, we didn’t board for twenty minutes, and then we get on the plane and they made us sit there on the runway…” Oh really, what happened next? Did you fly through the air incredibly, like a bird? Did you partake in the miracle of human flight you non-contributing zero?! You’re flying! It’s amazing! Everybody on every plane should just constantly be going: “Oh my God! Wow!” You’re flying! You’re sitting in a chair, in the sky!” – Louis C. K.

I want to live in a world where happiness is a standard. Where people get their heads out of their egocentric asses and help others achieve more happiness, because nothing is as beautiful as being happy together. I want to be able to stand on a rooftop and scream about how fucking wonderful my day was; and as a reaction I don’t want people to call the police and order them to get me the fuck off that high building (am I mental?!), I want them to shout back about their favourite moments of the day. I want people to acknowledge their own happiness, as well as others’s.


I know that’s a crazy idea, and the chance of the world becoming like that before I’m resting in a box covered in dirt is tinier than a particle of dust, but there are things we can do.


We can tell people about how much we love what we do.

We can come together to spread our greatest moments of the past month.

We can ask someone about their week and actually listen to their stories, without judgement and with a big, fat load of excitement.

We can look at that kissing couple along the riverside and feel their joy, rather than mentally telling them to get a fucking room and wishing that your fucking time to find your fucking special fucking person would final-fucking-ly come along (they’re really taking their time, you know?!).

We could smile at the people we have eye-contact with on the street.

We can show people the real us, let go of our masks and really vibe together, because those things were holding you back all this time and now you finally have the chance to find out who you really are and how amazingly well you truly go together.

We can spend our time reading amazing stories and sharing our knowledge with whoever wants to listen.

We can break away from the internet for a couple of hours each day and enjoy the simpleness of life for a bit.

We can walk and dance and sing at the top of our lungs, because we’re alive and that’s wonderful!


We can love. All day. Every day. Because that’s the most beautiful thing you can give as well as receive and it’s always there for you to reach.


I hereby give you all mine.

Schermafbeelding 2015-08-24 om 14.23.50

Johnny Depp by Interview Magazine. 

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