Last week, when my dad walked into the living room after I had spent a whole day doing everything not-so-fun (yet highly necessary) and taking hardly any time to breathe – I was on edge. Anything he said or did, however good the intentions of his comments were, I was annoyed with them. I didn’t feel like having a conversation. I just wanted to lay in bed and slowly fall asleep, off to a land where everything is warm and inviting and all things not-so-nice are non existent.

I started thinking about what to make for dinner (because, no matter what state she’s in, a girl’s gotta eat!) and slowly came to realise that I was acting like a total fool. And foolishness can be hilarious, but this wasn’t the fun kind. And as this realisation crawled up to me, I took a moment to sit down and think about how to turn that frown upside down.

A small twenty minutes later, I was singing, smiling and feeling more fab than I had all day. Yes, you read that right, twenty minutes. That’s all the time it took. Because getting yourself to feel a whole load better is a whole load easier than it seems.


Being slightly dehydrated is a silent killer when it comes to your mood, and just feeling not-so-great in general. One or two big glasses of water can make all the difference in the world. For some reason people (myself included) often forget to drink their daily amount of liquids. And especially if you’re like me and don’t shy away from a good few cups of coffee to keep you running, it’s beyond important to drink enough water in between.

Fill them lungs.

When you’ve been running around all day, doing everything you need to do, it’s easy to forget to simply breathe. Sit down somewhere comfortable and take a few good deep breaths. Breathe like you’re in an ashram in India, in a room full of beautiful souls trying to enlighten themselves. Slowly. Deeply. Calmly.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.



I don’t know how it works with you, but the music I listen to in a day makes all the difference. If Nirvana has been blasting through my speakers for a few hours, however much I adore it, I’m going to feel like pushing away from the system, being alone, doing everything that screams rebel. And that’s fantastic sometimes. But when you’re already feeling that and you want to get back to centre and get some peace of mind, that ain’t gonna work.

My faves? Johnny Cash and Frank Sinatra. Yep, I’m really fucking old. I was listening to them a few weeks back, and got the comment “I’m allowed to find this utter shit, right? This isn’t what people listen to nowadays, this is super old!” thrown at me. I smiled as sweetly as I could, looked them in the eye and said that comparing me to ‘everyone nowadays’ was a lost cause. And then I got back to humming along with the soothing voices of some of my favourite gentlemen.

Another kind of music that works awfully well for me is gypsy jazz. It’s not highly calming per se, but it’s definitely a mood enhancer. And listening to it whilst cooking dinner makes you feel like you’re in a film, and who doesn’t want to feel like their life is a film sometimes?

Shake yo booty. 

Moving your ass is always a good idea. Sitting still all day is as much of a silent killer as dehydration is. It’s bound to make you moody. But if you don’t have a home gym, or simply hate fitness into the deepest of your soul, dancing can be a good option for you.

Honestly, even thinking of jumping around to my favourite tune makes the corners of my mouth crawl up.

So find yourself a good booty shakin’ playlist on Spotify, turn the volume up and let everything go. Swing and sway and concentrate simply on the fun you’re having whilst doing it. Let it all go. Smile as you feel the release. And if you feel like it, then yes, absolutely do sing along. Because dancing and singing together is without a doubt one of the easiest and most fun ways to feel really fucking good.


So when you’re sweaty and tired, but calm and breathing slowly, all you need to remember to do is smile. Because keeping a smile on your face is some kind of mojo to keep the good mood locked in. And you look awfully pretty when you do it, you babe.

Reach for the stars,


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