As the last hour of our magnificent day in our favourite theme park hits, I realise that I’m actually there. It took me that long. At times, I find it hard to be in the moment, to truly realise that I am where I am there and then, to feel the seconds ticking by as life progresses into its next stage. And it hurts. One of the things that frustrate me the most is lost time, oversleeping is heart-wrenching for me, and so is the realisation that my mind has been turned off for hours, especially when I’ve been doing something rather magnificent. 

I truly believe that time is all we have, memories are the only thing of real value and spending your hours in a way that lights your heart up is the only way to spend your time well. This is also a reason I find it harder and harder to give people possessions as a gift, I’d much rather give them time, a place to be at a certain time, a smile on their face as we go to dinner or to that one show that they’ve been wanting to see for so long. In a way, it’s a minimalistic thought, though I’d never proclaim that I am a minimalist, I simply fall in love with time every time the subject passes through my mind. Because it’s limited, and our psychology says that we love limited things. 

Time is all we have, and that is why it’s so important to infuse everything with love and passion and to be courageous even when you don’t particularly feel like it. Because each second you spend feeling bad, angry, sad, lost, afraid, those are seconds, minutes, hours you will never be able to get back. They’ve flown by you and they’ve left nothing more than the mark of the terrible feeling you had when they were there.

Make it awe inspiring. 

Infuse life with all that you love, all the things you find wonderful, everything that makes your heart beat faster and that makes you want to jump out of bed each morning. Create, smile, feel the love you have for the ones you spend your time with and forget all the things that haven’t served you in the past. Let go and hold on to the beauty, with a deep realisation for the place you’re at right now. 

Every once in a while, tell yourself that you’re here right now, no matter where here is. No matter how dull life feels, or what crazy stupid things are going on in your life. Take a second to ground yourself and feel what is happening to you. Throw your gaze into the air and feel the moon, look at the stars, feel how small you are but what an impact your life has on the Earth, on the Universe.

Take a moment to feel, to appreciate, to love. 

There is nothing I love more than getting a signal, whether it be a text, a thought, a call, or walking into someone, and not being able to hold back my laughter. A few weeks ago, I got a text from someone I never thought I’d hear from ever again, but there they were, just saying hi for the sake of saying hi. And everything just fell back into place, because I realised how crazy life can get sometimes, and how off I tend to get when I’m too busy thinking about all the shit that gets thrown towards us all the time. I burst out laughing, because it was unexpected, because it was beautiful. Such is life. You just have to be there to realise it.


The photo is from said theme park, and if you ever happen to have time for it, I urge you to go there, it’s magically amazing.

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