Make everything beautiful. From the moment your eyes open and you say a short farewell to the dream you’re leaving behind, or a quick goodbye to the nightmare that terrorised you for the night, to the moment your head hits your soft little pillow again, ready for yet another adventure in the world of endless possibility. Every step you take, every word you say, the cup of tea you start it all off with. Be full of intention, aware of all the little steps you take.

Taking in every word of your favourite album, rather than putting on the radio. Attentively putting the kettle on the stove, selecting the tea that fits your mood and taking a few deep breaths as you wait for the water to boil. Leaving the house a few minutes early, so you can walk to work/your commute. Reading. Looking at the stars and admiring the moon. Carefully selecting the things you munch on, rather than slathering the food onto other foods and stuffing it into your mouth because you need to be at work, quick, quick, quick. Kissing passionately. Putting on the music so loud you feel immersed in it, letting it seep into the deepest depths of you. Listening for the sake of understanding, not to reply. Wine, cheese and olives, rather than a takeaway burger. Dancing, daily. 

Be attentive. Allow yourself the time to do the things you do with love, to enjoy the moments fully. Because time is a currency that we can’t get a refund on. Once the minutes are gone, they’re gone. Might as well fill them up with soul.

All my love,


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