“I’ve been a liar all my life, seeing it as some kind of sport rather than just a useful tool in the game of life. It felt familiar, fun, dangerously delicious to come up with stories and have people believe in them in a heartbeat. And I wasn’t the only one, for we all seem to lie our way through the beginnings of relationships, bluff ourselves into jobs we want, tell that girl we can’t stand that we’re oh so happy to see her again. And then you walked into my life and showed me that the vastness of the truth can be a lot sexier than the naughtiness of the lie. And as I fell for you, I fell for the truth also. It was the most freeing experience of my life, because as we allow the truth to surface, we allow ourselves to open up and be vulnerable, we let go of our constant sense of control and life gets back her freedom to do with us what she wants, and well, it feels good.”

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