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Miscellany is a weekly edit in which we share any kinds of things that have been on our mind for the week, plus some articles that we came across on the internet, hoping you fall for them the way we did.

“Normality is a paved road: it’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow.”
– Vincent van Gogh

The more weirdness we allow ourselves to be surrounded by, and the more we express our own strangeness, the more full life seems to become. Normality seems more boring to me by the day, and the more thought I give it, the more I realise how utterly bored I am by it. I do not wish to be seen as one of many, I do not want to fit right in with the crowd, I feel the need to break free from it all and experience life in a way only I will be able to do, and I wish the same for you. To have an experience that is so your own, so authentically yours, that no one will ever be able to replicate it. Stay true.

+ On how we use the internet to distract us from everything real. “I tried reading books, but that skill now began to elude me. After a couple of pages, my fingers twitched for a keyboard. I tried meditation, but my mind bucked and bridled as I tried to still it. I got a steady workout routine, and it gave me the only relief I could measure for an hour or so a day. But over time in this pervasive virtual world, the online clamor grew louder and louder.” I Used To Be A Human Being – by Andrew Sullivan, via New York Mag’s Select All.

+ On the definition of a ‘good life.’ “After all, it feels good to know things, solidly, about yourself. To know, with absolute certainty, that you take one teaspoon of sugar, no more, no less. To know that you’re the kind of woman who would never wear mismatched lingerie (or always wear mismatched lingerie, AHEM). To know, with absolute certainty, that you despise modern art—and not feel sorry for naming that truth about yourself.” Is Your Life *Actually* a Good One? Can You Even Decide? What Does Good Even MEAN These Days? – by Ash Ambirge, via The Middle Finger Project

+ On celebrating the little things. “Toilet paper at your disposal during a time of need is such a life-saver. Imagine what you would have done had it run out! Lucky lucky you.” How To Feel Good: 11 Small Victories Worth Celebrating – by Haley Nahman, via Man Repeller

+ On throwing an elegant Halloween party. “name your cocktails after your favorite scary movie or song. we chose quotes from Psycho, The Shining and The Doors lyrics “bloody red sun of fantastic LA”. we warmed up our best cursive and adorned these black platters with a white paint pen in flourished script.” Halloween Entertaining – by Bri Emery, via Designlovefest

+ On celebrating Halloween from the comforts of your own home. “If you don’t feel like doing the whole party thing, but still want to celebrate this *~*spooky*~* day of merriment, there are plenty of rad things you can do right in the comfort of your own home. (Spoiler alert: A lot of these involve candy in some way, because c’mon, it’s Halloween.)” The Best Ideas For Homebody Plans This Halloween – by Sammy Nickalls, via HelloGiggles

Happy Halloween weekend!


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