In times of trouble, when life shows its rough side and it’s hard to look past it (which, let’s be real, happens often – has something to do with our humanness), there is this one quote that makes me appreciate the discomfort I feel. Because yes, discomfort is something I care about, something I wish to love a little bit sometimes. Even better: I’d rather not take it for granted, and I sometimes wish to squeeze out every last drop op it, for discomfort is a surefire way to make us grow. We are so much more inclined to take leaps when we’re not in a comfortable place, but rather are trying to escape the rough, the annoying, the hurtful. Discomfort, in that way, is a blessing.

Another word for discomfort (and the one more favoured by yours truly): chaos. There has always been something truly fascinating about chaos, to me, because it creates an imperfect image. And imperfection is beauty, for imperfection is truth. Therefore, chaos is beauty, and chaos is truth. Plus: chaos is the ass-kicking we tend to need from time to time, to get the ball rolling (faster), to get out of our comfort zone (/ the box) and into something new. Growth.

A dear friend of mine once told me, as we were discussing a new portion of chaos / discomfort / complete strangeness / a huge annoyance in my life, “You know what? I think you secretly really love chaos. I mean, you complain about it, but you seem to seek it out as well.” Ding ding ding! Jackpot! I didn’t realise it until those words came out of his mouth, but chaos had been a companion of mine over the months before (and possibly my whole life before) and I had unknowingly loved the little bastard. And then, one or two days after that conversation, I found the quote. And I fell for it. Hard. (To give you an image: I wrote it on my arm every day. Every. Damn. Day. (Thankfully, it was December and I was wearing long sleeves every damn day as well, but it was there, ready to be peeked at whenever I felt the need to).)

“The thing about chaos, is that even though it disturbs us, it too, forces our hearts to roar in a way we secretly find magnificent.” – Christopher Poindexter

That’s it. And oh, I am still so in love with it. I swear it will be etched into my skin someday (professionally, I’ve stopped DIY-ing it a long, long time ago).



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