Walking is my therapy. Today has been a bit rough, and as I was about to dwell in self pity, by singing along to I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues (by Elton John) twenty times in a row, whilst making theatrical gestures, so as to make all the pain fly out my limbs, I decided to put on my coat instead. Out of the front door I go, to walk into town. Just for the sake of walking. Because walking makes me feel good, it calms me down, it allows me to let everything sink in. As I set one foot before the other, and listen to my DECEMBER 2015 playlist (still, yes, I dig the shit), I feel myself become me again. I need this.

I think part of it is the fact that I get away from the endless distractions that lay before me at home, with the internet connection intact and a million articles to read and photos to like and ideas to pin. It gets a bit too much sometimes, disconnecting me from myself, making me forget who I am and what I’m all about. The outside information seeping into my brain, seemingly leaving no room for thoughts of my own. That’s why I walk.

The songs I listen to are the ones I used to love when I lived in London, the place in which I fell in love with walking. The place that had me walking for up to six hours in one day. Through Hyde Park, along the tiny streets in Soho, across the Thames, underneath the trees that line up the street to Buckingham Palace. I walked, until deep in the night, on my own. And I loved it. (And, surprisingly enough, I wasn’t scared, not even when I walked on abandoned streets at 1 a.m.) I truly believe that that is what kept me sane in times of pure chaos, it’s what allowed me to stay close to myself.

I come home, just as the sun has set completely. Lovely, I adore the dark. And now, with a calmer mind, I’m off to start working on my DECEMBER 2016 playlist (fingers crossed that it will be as good as last year’s edition).

Happy Saturday.


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