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Get out of your head. Get out of your head and into your heart. Stop driving yourself crazy. It’s not helping, it’s not worth it. Now is the time to, forever, be done with doing things that put a halt on your growth. The word forever made that sound heavy, I’m aware of it. But if there’s ever a time to commit to a ‘forever’, it is when you vow to stop doing the things that keep you small. And please, let that time be now. 

For you. And for me. Because we’re in this together. The human concept of not being confident enough to fully believe in our potential, which is eternally driving me insane, is something to start messing with. Now. Because there’s nothing more beautiful than growth. Looking back on December 2016, a year from now, five years from now, half a lifetime from now, and seeing how far you’ve come from this point on, it’ll be delicious. Even more so if you start focusing on the things that make you feel like a true badass. 

No more thoughts that trouble your mind. They’re silly. Especially when you could instead be thinking of your sweetheart and the last time you both laughed so hard you almost peed your pants, or how much you love that book you’ve been reading this week, or how much you appreciate that person that is changing your life right now, even though they don’t quite know it (I’m looking at you and you and you, thank you, truly). Which you can. The choice is yours. 

There is always room to grow. Forever. You’ll never be done (sounds exhausting, is exhilarating). There is so much to learn and to see and to do and read and fall in love with. And if you, instead, choose to stay stuck in thought patterns that don’t serve you, it won’t be seen, done, read or fallen in love with, which would be a total fucking bummer. 

Give yourself the freedom of being happy. Of truly being glad to be alive, to be who you are, where you are. And celebrate the fact that you get to choose, always, everything. Let us, you and me, choose the positive over the negative. Progress for the sake of progress. Fighting for a life more beautiful than you could ever dream of, simply because you decided, one day, to shift your thoughts, relentlessly. 


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