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You should’ve seen me rush to the Ticketscript website in a matter of seconds after finding out that Father John Misty was coming to perform in my little old country next November, I confess: I squealed like the giddy little kid I used to be as I was registering my information to get my ticket. One ticket. Because I’m going by myself, to see one of my favourite people perform his glorious music and dance as if there’s no tomorrow, and there’s no reason for doing so other than that I adore doing little things like this on my lonesome. I love the bus ride to the venue, the people-watching as I stand in line to get in, not having to take into account anything or anyone else’s wants and needs for a night. I love feeling the music go through me without having anyone interrupting to tell me how much they love the song, because I know, I do too, which is exactly why I’m keeping my mouth shut to enjoy it fully, whilst shaking my ass to the notes I must’ve heard a million times by now. I’m a sociable loner, happy to go out with the people I love on the weekend, equally as pleased when I get to go adventuring without anyone by my side.

It’s a conscious choice, based on things that bring out my happiest self (live music, dancing, sipping beers, being anonymous and alone, if even for a little while), which brings me to a question: have you asked yourself lately why you do what you do? Do you make choices based upon who you are, what you love and what makes you truly joyous, or do you just go, because going seems like the right thing to do? Choosing consciously, over and over again, seems like a problem area for a lot of us, which is a dire shame, as the choices you make build up the whole of your existence and making good ones will light up everything that happens in your life.

I struggle with this myself, still, as I spend so much time mindlessly scrolling through websites that don’t truly interest me, or watching films that I don’t care for too much, or, most often and most horrifically, thinking about things that drag me down. And I know I do this, yet I still keep doing it, which shows that even though I have some knowledge in my upper chamber, I’m still not ‘there’, wherever that may be. Realising this is all the more reason to speak about the importance of living consciously, because I know that it changes everything and I vouch for lives filled with excitement and love and pure, true happiness every day of the week.

So, to get the happiness ball rolling, how about you ask yourself one simple question: How do I make every day more light, happy and worth remembering?

It’s a simple question, though it may be difficult to find an answer that will really work for you, as you need to be stern with yourself to improve on your daily habits by incorporating something that lights you up, but old habits tend to die hard, so be prepared to do some serious work. Love the seriousness and you’ll find yourself doing things on a daily basis that will ultimately improve your whole life, as life is no more than a buildup of days. So choose. Pick one thing and improve it, whether it be the shifting of an old habit or the adding of a new one, choose and do. (For me, for example, the ideas look something like this: choose the music you listen to to complement your mood, make your cup of coffee with full attentiveness and as if it’s the most important task in the world, read for at least an hour, carefully pick your clothes to match the person you feel like today).



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