My name is Alenka, I’m a ferocious lover of beautiful sentences, heartfelt stories and lives lived truly well.

I’ve lived in (and loved up) London for a while, and moved back to the Netherlands in early 2016. I’m a professional writer – freelance, meaning I get to work in my pyjamas, drink my own stellar espressos and talk to myself in between writing, it’s fantastic fun. If you’d like to reach out to work together on a project, you can do so right here.

Life is a curious thing, with questions unanswered reaching amounts I can’t even count to. If you’ve seen Dead Poets Society – I sincerely hope you have, if not, please go watch it as soon as you can, it’s wonderful – you may have been stuck wondering what your verse to contribute to the powerful play may be. I have, too. I also wonder about the meaning of our verses, how they all intertwine, and how we ourselves work as a whole. Which is why I’m here, to ponder upon all that life is and all that comes with it.

I ponder, and I fall, desperately and deeply, for things written by humans with minds I can’t even begin to comprehend. Words are my jam, or so you could say; they make my jaw drop, my eyes sting with tears, my heart beat with rapid speed and most of all: good writing makes me feel alive. I share what I have fallen for, and with it how it affected me, what it has done to my thought processes, what I am now able to see that I wasn’t before I read it, or simply how entirely gorgeous I think it is. And I hope you’ll love it as I love it. 




Alenka Rose Schuller.

Alenka is a writer at heart, someone with a different outlook on life, she feels that happiness should always be on the top of your list and founded Rose’s Little Garden in 2014 to spread that idea.

Writing short stories and long diary pages since she was 10, Alenka has always had the core desire to be a writer. Years and hundreds of safely hidden pages later, she decided to share her writing openly with everyone who wanted to read it and so Rose’s Little Garden was born.

Having grown up in a small city in the Netherlands, one day Alenka decided it was time to break away from all that was familiar and move to a place that she knew she’d love like nothing else, thus she packed her bags and moved to London. One adventure – and a good handful of anecdotes – later, she moved back to the place she has always called home, where she now works on a career in writing. 


Extra credit.

For fun I read myself Virginia Woolf essays aloud, because I get all weak in the knees from the perfection of the word flow, and because I want to keep up my (posh) English accent. You can also find me frequently browsing Brain Pickings and The Paris Review, whilst chugging coffee like a mad man and listening to my favourite playlists on Spotify (which include: Meat Loaf, Frank Sinatra, Hozier, Father John Misty, Johnny Cash, Queen, alt-J and many more). When I lived in London, I used to spend my weekends wandering around for whole days, drinking free coffee at my favourite coffee shop (TAP Coffee No. 193 on Wardour Street), reading books and taking notes in one of the many notebooks I carried around with me – walking always enlightened me and I miss it. Now, because the city I live in isn’t quite of the same sort of vastness as London and one simply can’t walk for that long without stepping on the same cobble twice, I have delved into a life of strength training at my favourite gym a couple times per week (booty-building has replaced wandering, for now). Ducks are adorable, Hunter S. Thompson and Charles Bukowski rocked, I am obsessed with Joe Rogan and will talk about him and his podcast whenever I get the chance, and I’m currently seriously loving Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Esmé Weijun Wang’s ‘The Border Of Paradise’.


The Blog.

“Where the celebration of words hooks up with the loving of life.”

In this place, I tell my truth, and that is all, really. I believe that that’s all we can do, and whether that be through sharing songs that we have made ours, books that touched us in a particular way, or tell the stories of which our lives are built up, it essentially all comes down to the same thing: showing ourselves. 


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, I really enjoy reading your blogs. May I know how you come up with ideas? They’re really beautiful and interesting.


    1. Hi there! Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoy them.

      The ideas just come from life, really. If you take the time to notice what you’re feeling, what the people around you want and need and think, the ideas will come to you soon enough.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh maybe that is why I’m having hard time writing new blog posts — I’m very busy and too exhausted to think about life. It’s sad. Nevertheless, thank you for sharing this to me. More power to your blog!


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