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“Naked in bed, writing. These are the nights I live for. Digging my way through my thoughts, to what I feel, who I am. Finding myself beneath this blanket of words. Uncovering parts of me that I haven’t been in touch with before, slowly, word for word. The syllables shooting out of my fingers like arrows, piercing the depths of my soul, making pour out the waterfall of love that had been within.”



“Always feel every single particle of love flow through you vividly. Cherish it, adore it, and don’t let go of the wonder that it brings along with itself. We forget love, take it for granted, wish for something different. Don’t let that happen. Love is too grand to be taken for granted.”


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“Being true to yourself means being vulnerable and transparent. It means asking questions, in order to grow. To follow curiosity, always.”



“He pulls me close, my face resting against his chest. Calm rises over me as I feel my breath slow. Waves of cool as his breast moves up and down. Sweetness in the air. All I need.”



“Because I don’t need to know everything. Not now, and honestly, not ever. For knowing everything means being at the end of all there is, it means the end of progress, the end of the vastness of curiosity. And please, never let me find the end of my curiosity, for it is my biggest drive. I’d rather be a simpleton, and ask a hundred questions every day, than to be the person with the fullest mind on Earth and have nowhere else to look.”



“What I slowly fell in love with, in the midst of falling for another, was finding out how much of a mystery I was. As I unveiled myself, slowly, sometimes even gracefully, I came to realise that there is so much more to me than I tend to think. So many moments, such sweet stories, and a much loved element of surprise. The unfolding of a human is something so precious, we mustn’t underestimate it, not in ourselves, nor in others. Because, yes, they were right, there is always more to someone than meets the eye.”



“Stand your ground, little darling. Know what you choose and own it, because your choices are who you are, all that you are. Go for it, full force, and don’t bounce back for anyone.”



“To spread pieces of yourself, all across the globe, hoping that your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs resonate with someone, somewhere. That an unknown individual may need you, though you both have no idea it is so. To create wonder and recognition in another person’s life, if only for ten minutes. They may forget you, never to realise again that you existed at all, but for that short amount of time, you were their world, you were consumed by them, they gave you their time, a particle of their life. It is wondrous that we get to do so, and we must cherish every soul that connects to ours, no matter where or when or how. Connection is vital.”


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“Which is one of the reasons I always carry a notebook with me, to jot down my thoughts before they disappear into forgotten time, following so many moments of enlightenment that I will never be able to recall. But here I am tonight, calm, feeling the sweetness of a deep, slow day, building into a deep, slow life. “


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“The purpose of it all, it seems to me, is to make a life that is so incredibly your own. To find yourself in everything you do, every word you say, every step you take. To create spaces that breathe you, and you alone. To find yourself in that room one night, look up and see all the little trinkets of your life, spread across a space that is wholly and purely your own. Let your whole life be like that. Authenticity is key, to truth, to wellbeing, to a life that is worthwhile. Finding yourself takes time, and often it takes help, though this will always come as a surprise, but every step you take closer to the centre of your being is a leap closer to a fuller life.”