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I just rose up from my bed, releasing my mind from a 30 minute meditation – just what the doctor ordered. It’ll be 2017 in two days, and I am as excited to be rid of 2016 as anyone, especially since the end of it was… well, rather horrible. Loss has hardened parts of me that I wanted to keep soft: I have some work to do next year. My mind has been racing, because of all that has happened, examining life and all that it possibly could mean, without pause. This past month has left me utterly exhausted, making the coming of a new year all the more welcome. I do believe in leaving old ends, opening up to new beginnings, and as much as I’ve tried to shoo away any resolutions these past couple of years (because I also believe in putting in the work on the daily, not just going for something as a new year begins), I’ve decided to kind of go for them the day after tomorrow, to take this new start as a new start (one of many). The resolutions are not quite new, though, they’re just the things I wish I would’ve put myself to doing this year, but didn’t, because I’m a master slacker.

“We are here to laugh at the odds
and live our lives 
so well 
that Death will tremble to take us.”
-Charles Bukowski

That’s all I can truly wish for, for the upcoming 365 days, to have myself find the wild, to live well, to feel deeply, to stray from fear and live with my heart open wide, ready for anything. I’m ready, and I truly hope you are too.

Here’s a love list: things that kept me sane and wildly happy through the madness that was this year, maybe they’ll light you up as well.



+ Fates & Furies by Lauren Groff. I fell for the cover of this book instantaneously, when I was in the big Waterstones at Piccadilly Circus, making me unable to keep myself from buying it. And I haven’t regretted it for a second. It’s a multilayered mysterious love story that made me yearn to get back to it every time I was doing anything else.

+ Radical Self Love by Gala Darling. I carry it with me as though Gala is my Goddess, and read it in times of need.

+ #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. I’m late to the game, always am, but ho-ly shit I love this book. If you wanna get shit done, I highly encourage you to give it a read, it’ll get the engine started.

+ The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins. It’s worth the rage. I read the whole book in one go, which is quite something for someone who reads as slowly as I do.




+ The Joe Rogan Experience. Everyone who knows me knows about my obsession with Joe Rogan (I talk about him the way people talk about Breaking Bad), and I can (and will) keep going on about the man until the day I seize to exist. One of my favourite episodes of the podcast this year was this one, with Russell Brand and Jim Breuer – it’s amazing.

+ The Paris Review. I find myself scrolling through articles on the website for hours on end, and I don’t even mind it. The writing is witty, intelligent and every single article I’ve come across thus far has been able to hold my interest – amazing, I tell you. 

+ FitnessBlender. The source of my increased strength and decreased physical softness. Fitness has become a major thing in my life, to the point where I annoy people with facts about health and such. FitnessBlender is where that started out, and I’m infinitely grateful for Daniel and Kelli doing what they’re doing, even though I swear at them on a weekly basis when HIIT becomes a bit intense. 

+ Onnit AcademyAubrey Marcus’s company Onnit, which focuses on total human optimisation, is amazing in all aspects. The Academy is where I get most of my information on nutrition, fitness and overall health, which have been major factors for me this year. Aubrey is also on a few JRE podcast episodes, and they’re all well worth a watch.



 I have already
lost touch
a couple
of people
I used to be.
                    – Joan Didion


 Live the full life of
the mind, exhilarated by
new ideas, intoxicated by
the romance of the unusual.
                    – Ernest Hemingway


We are all alone, born alone, 
die alone, and – in spite of 
True Romance magazines – we 
shall someday look back on 
our lives and see that, in
spite of our company, we were 
alone the whole way. I do not 
say lonely – at least, not all 
the time – but essentially, 
and finally, alone. This is 
what makes your self-respect 
so important, and I don’t see 
how you can respect yourself 
if you must look in the hearts 
and minds of others for your 

                    – Hunter S. Thompson



Had I not 
created my whole world 
I would certainly 
have died 
in other people’s. 
                    – Anais Nin 


The great art of life is 
sensation, to feel that we 
exist, even in pain. 
                    – Lord Byron 

 Happy new year. 



Miscellany is a weekly edit in which we share any kinds of things that have been on our mind for the week, plus some articles that we came across on the internet, hoping you fall for them the way we did.

It seems to me that part of the beauty of being alive in this world, right now, is that we get to enjoy the vast differences between every single human being. To be fully invested in the people we talk to, and find the things we share, but to shortly thereafter explore parts of them that are foreign to us. Because when we find new things, new opinions, new thoughts, new experiences, we expand our own knowledge, and thus we grow. 
And please, yes, let’s disagree. Often. Because disagreement is what makes for intensely interesting conversation. Differences are interesting. 

+ On being your most charming self. “Charm & charisma are similar beasts: it’s the art of making the person you’re speaking to feel like they’re the only person in the room.” How To Be Charming – by Gala Darling, via

+ On using the gifts our modern day gives us daily in a way that brings us further in life – a conversation between Seth Godin and Marie Forleo. (This one made my week.) “We rarely look back on our lives and say “I’m disappointed that I made my art.”” We’re Wasting The Chance Of A Lifetime – By Marie Forleo, via

+ On the sweetness of taking the train. “Every year, I take a Northeast Regional southbound to Charlottesville to visit two dear friends and their pair of gorgeous, sweetly neurotic German shepherds. I went once in the spring after moving to New York, but two years in the city had made me susceptible to Virginia pollen, teary-eyed and wheezing every time I went outdoors. So now I visit in autumn when the air is crisp and the leaves have just turned.” Taking The Train To Charlottesville – by Wei Tchou, via The Paris Review

+ On the importance of books. “Adults can change their circumstances; children cannot. Children are powerless, and in difficult situations they are the victims of every sorrow and mischance and rage around them, for children feel all of these things but without any of the ability that adults have to change them. Whatever can take a child beyond such circumstances, therefore, is an alleviation and a blessing.” Staying Alive: Mary Oliver on How Books Saved Her Life and Why the Passion for Work Is the Greatest Antidote to Pain – by Maria Popova, via Brain Pickings

Happy weekend!





Miscellany is a weekly edit in which we share any kinds of things that have been on our mind for the week, plus some articles that we came across on the internet, hoping you fall for them the way we did.

As part of the elaborate Halloween celebrations that were held last weekend, I got to dress up as a witch – the witch I would be if I would have been born a bit closer to Salem – and it was so much fun. Not just because of the spooky holiday itself, but because I kind of felt as though I found part of myself that I had neatly tucked away for a long time. The little girl who obsessed over Harry Potter came out again, dressed in all black and looking for a cat to take on adventures (didn’t find it, sadly). All in all, Halloween was fantastic, but, as soon as the clock hit 00:00 on Monday night, I went straight for the Michael Bublé Christmas CD, because I’m that kind of girl.

+ On the importance of being mindful when grabbing your phone for the millionth time. “It’s a slippery slope: you hop on your phone to peek at the weather, and then you find yourself “checking in” on Instagram, Twitter, your email account. You click on that Buzzfeed article with a cat and a hedgehog performing a piano duet to ‘Islands in the Sun’ (I made this up but it likely exists) and – boom – you’ve lost twenty minutes of your day.” The Question – by Erin Loechner, via Design For Mankind

+ On careers done well, or better, at least. “When I was getting started, my boss would tell me to come forward with solutions, not problems. She didn’t want us complaining about what wasn’t happening or who wasn’t working well together, but wanted us to put forth ideas on how to address issues. This is a small but profound perspective shift for anyone at work.” The Best Career Advice – by Joanna Goddard, via Cup Of Jo

+ On pushing through when no one is listening. “I would pretend that I was a lighthouse beaming light and love out into the world. I would pretend that thousands of people were listening. I wrote as if thousands of people were listening.” Be the lighthouse – by Alex Franzen, via

+ On thinking less and doing more. “Women also spend a lot of time using the “worry work center,” which is the area of our brains that traditionally looks out for problems and scans the horizon for issues. There are even some brainscans now that show that women have more neurons firing at any given moment than men do. Which sounds great, right? Our brains are more active! But those scans might also be a physical representation of what women often do much more than men, which is ruminate.” Where Does Confidence Come From? – by Jocelyn K. Glei, via

+ On taking little steps toward your dream career. “I created plans, lists, and did a LOT of research. This commitment to forge through truly gave me the confidence to stick to my guns. It also gave me the space to see if I was serious about this, even on days when I thought fear of the unknown/going irreparably broke may actually kill me.” I Took One Small Step Toward My Dream Job – And It Worked. Here’s How. – by Bailey Van Tassel, via Yellow Co.

+ On choosing experiences over possessions (this is really good). “In a Harvard study, when people were asked if they’d rather have a high salary that was lower than that of their peers or a low salary that was higher than that of their peers, a lot of them weren’t sure. But when they were asked the same question about the length of a vacation, most people chose a longer vacation, even though it was shorter than that of their peers.” You Should Spend Your Money on Experiences, Not Things – by Travis Bradberry, via Entrepeneur

Happy weekend!



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Miscellany is a weekly edit in which we share any kinds of things that have been on our mind for the week, plus some articles that we came across on the internet, hoping you fall for them the way we did.

“Normality is a paved road: it’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow.”
– Vincent van Gogh

The more weirdness we allow ourselves to be surrounded by, and the more we express our own strangeness, the more full life seems to become. Normality seems more boring to me by the day, and the more thought I give it, the more I realise how utterly bored I am by it. I do not wish to be seen as one of many, I do not want to fit right in with the crowd, I feel the need to break free from it all and experience life in a way only I will be able to do, and I wish the same for you. To have an experience that is so your own, so authentically yours, that no one will ever be able to replicate it. Stay true.

+ On how we use the internet to distract us from everything real. “I tried reading books, but that skill now began to elude me. After a couple of pages, my fingers twitched for a keyboard. I tried meditation, but my mind bucked and bridled as I tried to still it. I got a steady workout routine, and it gave me the only relief I could measure for an hour or so a day. But over time in this pervasive virtual world, the online clamor grew louder and louder.” I Used To Be A Human Being – by Andrew Sullivan, via New York Mag’s Select All.

+ On the definition of a ‘good life.’ “After all, it feels good to know things, solidly, about yourself. To know, with absolute certainty, that you take one teaspoon of sugar, no more, no less. To know that you’re the kind of woman who would never wear mismatched lingerie (or always wear mismatched lingerie, AHEM). To know, with absolute certainty, that you despise modern art—and not feel sorry for naming that truth about yourself.” Is Your Life *Actually* a Good One? Can You Even Decide? What Does Good Even MEAN These Days? – by Ash Ambirge, via The Middle Finger Project

+ On celebrating the little things. “Toilet paper at your disposal during a time of need is such a life-saver. Imagine what you would have done had it run out! Lucky lucky you.” How To Feel Good: 11 Small Victories Worth Celebrating – by Haley Nahman, via Man Repeller

+ On throwing an elegant Halloween party. “name your cocktails after your favorite scary movie or song. we chose quotes from Psycho, The Shining and The Doors lyrics “bloody red sun of fantastic LA”. we warmed up our best cursive and adorned these black platters with a white paint pen in flourished script.” Halloween Entertaining – by Bri Emery, via Designlovefest

+ On celebrating Halloween from the comforts of your own home. “If you don’t feel like doing the whole party thing, but still want to celebrate this *~*spooky*~* day of merriment, there are plenty of rad things you can do right in the comfort of your own home. (Spoiler alert: A lot of these involve candy in some way, because c’mon, it’s Halloween.)” The Best Ideas For Homebody Plans This Halloween – by Sammy Nickalls, via HelloGiggles

Happy Halloween weekend!




Miscellany is a weekly edit in which we share any kinds of things that have been on our mind for the week, plus some articles that we came across on the internet, hoping you fall for them the way we did.

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”
– F. Scott Fitzgerald

I have become fascinated with change. Mostly because I am seeing so much of it in myself, everyday, I suppose. And the more I sense the shifts within me, the more I feel it on the outside, because life is an ever changing experience, we just don’t always have our eyes open to it all. The thing is, we sometimes need guidance to change, to see the change, to feel the change, to participate in the truest form of living (which, when we’re truly guided by our curiosity, means being in a constant flow of change), and in order to receive such guidance, we need to be open to it. Find your guidance, in whatever of whomever may feel right, and catapult yourself into a new version of you – it’s fantastic.

+ On expressing your opinion, because it’s damn important. “First off, we usually do have an opinion, even about seemingly insignificant choices. It might not throw my world out of orbit if I end up eating Thai food, but given my druthers, I’d prefer a gluten-free enchilada.” Shrugging’s for Chumps – by Esmé Weijun Wang, via The Journal, her personal blog.

+ On having true, deep conversations. “O.K., so I may have been directing some of my brokenhearted anger at them, but all I could think was that I wanted no part of this game. If being single meant having to partake in this kind of conversation, I’d rather pass. How could I go from the deep connection I had with Alejandra to discussing bus schedules and weather patterns?” The End of Small Talk – by Tim Boomer, via The New York Times 

+ On turning a bad day into a good one, you know, in case the autumn blues got a hold of you. “At least once a week I succumb to Newton’s First Law. You know: an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon. And in this case, I’m an object that is very busy refreshing her social media accounts and wearing her yoga pants all day.” How To Restart A Bad Day – by Sarah Von Bargen, via Yes And Yes.

+ On how to be in the moment, and be happy. “But the future is still not here, and cannot become a part of experienced reality until it is present. Since what we know of the future is made up of purely abstract and logical elements — inferences, guesses, deductions — it cannot be eaten, felt, smelled, seen, heard, or otherwise enjoyed. To pursue it is to pursue a constantly retreating phantom, and the faster you chase it, the faster it runs ahead.” An Antidote to the Age of Anxiety: Alan Watts on Happiness and How to Live with Presence – by Maria Popova, via BrainPickings.

+ On being from New York. (This made me laugh so hard.) “Already ripe avocados? Get out of here with that nonsense, Ralphs. I’m from New York, where, in lieu of avocados, grocery stores put out six hundred petrified dragon eggs and shoppers must squeeze every last one of them before buying the softest but still rock-hard option, and then bring it home and watch it go from unripe to completely rotten without ever once being edible. That’s how New Yorkers do avocados.” No, I’m From New York – by Susanna Wolff, via The New Yorker

+ On the strangeness of dating in Paris. ““Bonjour Sara. Ca va bien?” (Hello, Sara, are you well?) followed by a flower bouquet and kissy-face emojis.“Dispo aujourd’hui pour un verre?” (Are you available today for a glass of wine?) followed by a wine-glass emoji.I was available, actually, but holy emojis! Wasn’t he coming on a little strong? In New York, where I’d lived before moving to Paris, kissy faces were reserved for further along in the relationship — you know, like post-marriage.” Dating in New York Ruined Me for Paris – by Sara Lieberman, via The Cut

Happy weekend! 


It’s Tuesday afternoon, and after almost a week of slight outbursts of anger and desperation, the internet in my house is finally working again. It took me a mere hour of non-connection to the Web to realise how much of my life is dependent on this magic that connects the world (I’m no engineer in the slightest, so magic it is). And now, I’m sitting in a hammock-style hanging chair with my laptop on my lap and the pure joy that comes with reading articles online, finding out things that I would have never known if it weren’t for the internet. With the joy came gratitude, and that brought me here, to share some of the things that I’ve come across and loved.

• I don’t know about you, but I don’t use the seemingly most productive two hours of my day to their full potential (I’m usually more likely to spend them in a sluggish mode of taking too long to get out of bed and get myself mentally ready for the day – such things may need some changing up). Time to try out a new routine!

• This isn’t a short read, but it’s life-changing and I urge you to take some time to think about ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’.

Back at Mailbox, it was 8 a.m. on Thursday, February 7, 2013 when we popped the first bottle of champagne. There were 13 of us, and we were all wide-eyed, staring at our monitors, watching as nine months of work on the iPhone app was released into the world. As I looked around at the incredible people in that room, and watched the live ticker grow and grow, I knew that this moment was one of the highlights of my life. But, in the very back of my mind, I couldn’t help but wonder what any of it had to do with my dream of a white room.

• Sometimes, to find something you were looking for, means to let go of it completely, so it’s free to make its way toward you. This story seems like something every woman ought to go through at least once in her lifetime.

• I found Esmé’s blog a while ago and I fell in love with her writing as well as herself immediately. There’s not a person I’ve found on this earth who can calm me down as swiftly as she is capable of doing. And she knows we’re not lazy, she knows we’re trying, she knows it’s hard and she’s here to give all the kindness we need when we’re simply not feeling it.

Maybe you’re working yourself to the bone and you suspect you could be doing more, more, more, in which case I want to swaddle you in my diamond-print quilt and whisper, Hush, hush, you are okay, you are wonderful, you are doing the best that you can and I want to commend you for that.

• How does your clothing affect your skin?

• Adding new skills to our repertoire is something that makes life more exciting every day – happily, researchers have found a way to pick up on whatever it is we’re trying to learn more quickly. Time to get into calligraphy, Photoshop, and all kinds of mystical learning, I say! 

• Liz Gilbert is one of the loves of my life. Yes, Eat Pray Love did change my life (amongst millions of others, resulting in an after-book, ten years later), and her fiction is just as good. If you value creativity and living a life you’re in love with, watch her, read her, listen to her. She’s the bomb. 

• And if you adore TED as much as I do (and how could you not), take a look at their events page, there’s bound to be something going on near you some day soon!

I’m so grateful for living in the times of the internet, and the fact that Spring is making her first appearance makes my heart jump with every sunbeam. It’s high time to get out from under Winter’s big blanket of the blues, and spend some time in the sun to charge up on some well-needed vitamin D.





Could someone explain to me what this pretend autumn weather is? Because I’ve no idea what to wear this week. And what a crazy week it has been! I went on walks and saw people get their shoes filled with Thames-water (which unsurprisingly made me laugh like a crazy person; bless them). I had people read Moby Dick to me (and lots of others) live on stage, which was absolutely adorable and amazing. Kew blew my mind once again, with the autumn leaves making it even more of a lovely place to be in. I slept too little and talked too much, which kind of is what makes life the most beautiful ride you could ever be on, isn’t it?

Oh enough blabbering, let’s just get on with the fun!

The science of finding your soul mate really isn’t that romantic, but rather interesting nonetheless. Can I also just take a moment to swoon over this quote:

If it is right, it happens… Nothing good gets away.

I am so falling in love with John Steinbeck, all his words are utter perfection.

Some life lessons really need to be hammered into our brains, because we will be better and do better from it. The thing is that even though we know it to be truth, most of the time we are too busy doing nothing to realise that these things need to be done. Let’s learn (and I mean really learn) these lessons and be better souls from it, shall we?

This is one of the cutest things I’ve read in a long time. Get ready to fill up with feelings of adoration and some slight bursts of your heart.

You have to read this. It’s not an option, it’s a must. You have to read the article and dwell on the things it states and cry with all the videos because it’s going to change your life. Stop reading what I’ve written and click the link, please, it’s important.

I never realised how badly I want to be able to lucid dream until I read this. I feel like I have a new mission in life.


You guys know all too well that I’m an introvert. I’ve talked about it in the past and I feel like more people should have an understanding for us as a different kind of personality. This post sums us up pretty well. 

Pixar is awesome, that’s something you can’t argue about. Even though I knew that their animation films were a lot more clever than they seem, this post made me realise that there’s so much more to the company than you’d expect. Can anyone tell me where to apply for a job there, because a free cereal bar and Love Lounge will make going to work one hell of a party every day!

“Sponsored” by my husband. Honesty above all.

“In my opinion, we do an enormous “let them eat cake” disservice to our community when we obfuscate the circumstances that help us write, publish and in some way succeed.”

I tried my first James Bond shower this morning and I have to say: I don’t hate it as much as I expected myself to.

What I’m up to. 
With the beautiful weather this weekend and the fact that I finally got my Friends Of Kew card in the mail earlier today, how could I possibly not go to my favourite botanical gardens? The rest of the weekend is still one big surprise, all I can do is hope it’s a good one.

Have a great end of the week, lovely!

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“I don’t like it, I love it, love it, love it. O oh, so good it hurts.” This song has been stuck in my head for the past week and I can’t say I hate it. Even better: I love it. Even better than that: I feel it. I really do love it, all of it. All of life and all of it’s beautiful strangeness. Meditating twice every day has changed me – yep, it really has, whether you want to hear it or not – and it is making my life infinitely more rad. I’m devoting basically all of my free time to myself, to my spirituality, to finding whatever does and doesn’t work for me and/or with me and it’s just really fucking great.

Okay, enough hokey pokey, you’re here for the fun, right? Here you go.

Sometimes the infinite chaos of life needs to be simplified, would 60 ways be enough?

You know that feeling when you fall in love with a book and you feel like you’ve made a new friend and it’s so perfect and you’re afraid you’ll never find anything like it ever again? There’s a tool for that.

Let’s just throw ourselves in the deep and admit that we all do at least a few of these things. You’re not alone, girlfrieeeend.

Written advice on writing by writers. Yep, yep, yep.

This is the single most awesome thing I’ve seen this week and I will keep re-watching it until I die. If only you could see the look on my face right now.

How I learned to love almost dying. This is beautiful.

Do you reckon you could squeeze 52 places in those last few months? It’s worth a try!

What I’m up to.
The weather this weekend is supposed to be pretty great, so I’m planning of breaking out of my bedroom (I spend way too much time in here anyway) and enjoying every ray of sunshine I can catch.
There’s a literary festival going on at Kew – which, as you know, is one of my favourite spots here in London, pair it up with books and I’m sold – and I’m definitely going to take a peak there on Saturday.
And then on Sunday I have a fabulous dinner date with some wonderful people, at Comptoir Libanais. Whoop!

I hope you have a wonderfully sunny and magical weekend full of joy!

All the love,

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This week.. Oh, this week. What a crazy ride I’ve been on. I feel like my whole energy has been shifting ever since I got back from Holland. I’m getting closer to my inner me, my peaceful being, my boundless joy. Though some of you may not want to know any of this (in which case, just scroll down to the sum of links, you’ll find those fun anyway), I think it’s important to share with you what I’m going through, because being truthful is a big part of this blog. I want to be honest about my journey, about where I came from and about what I see for my future. I want to be real about who I am and what I do, because if I wouldn’t be real, how could I ever give profound advice?

Earlier this week I was going through my podcast app, looking for something to listen to whilst getting ready in the morning. And as I flicked through all the different categories, self-help was the one I got stuck on, because self-improvement is something I think of as being very important all day, every day. I was scrolling and scrolling until I saw a familiar name: Gabrielle Bernstein. I’ve been following Gabrielle for quite a long time, but I had no idea about her podcast and I felt this rush of excitement go through me, as if I knew what was in store for my being, for my soul. I instantly downloaded a load of her podcasts and chose to listen to one about desire. Every single word she said resonated with me, the practices felt true, they felt close. As I was getting ready, I didn’t yet realise that I had just done something so big, so life-changing. That realisation came that night, when I was cooking dinner and I put on another podcast, one about manifesting your desires. I listened so carefully and felt emotion coming up more and more as Gabby spoke about the simple things we can all do to improve our lives, to improve ourselves. When I was done eating and went back up to my room I decided to meditate, something I hadn’t done for a very long time. I felt peace, I felt whole, I felt a rush of excitement come into me and another leave.
Ever since that night I’ve been on a journey of coming closer toward myself, toward the life I’m actually willing to lead. I’ve been talking about it with some people, and the ones of whom I expected to wave away the idea as ‘stupidly hokey pokey’ seemed all the more interested, truly and profoundly and that warmed my heart in ways you can’t even imagine.
What I can tell you now is that Rose’s Little Garden may add a little bit of spiritual zing to it from now on, because what’s going on in my life and inside me will reflect on here, we are doing this together, after all. I hope you’re with me, because this journey is one I wouldn’t want to withhold from anyone.


As promised, I do have a little miscellany of links for you, as I do every week. After all, we all need something to keep us busy on our computers when we’re trying to avoid Facebook, don’t we?

Do you reach your full potential every day? From now on you definitely will. 

You know I love a good documentary. 

This is one of the best things I’ve read in ages. First of all, the guy’s name is Thor. Second: he’s got that lumberjack look *insert heart-eye emoji*. Third: he’s goddamn wise.

Sarcasm is the best. Period.

Okay, I’m 100% okay with not getting out of bed early (hooray for having a job where I don’t have to!), but I understand that you might feel the need for some tips and tricks on how to change your morning moods into more of a shiny happy people-vibe.

The best lifehacks of the year. YAAAHS.

Let’s think. 

Ghandi, everyone’s favourite wiseman, isn’t he?

Victoria Janashvili has created a photoseries to celebrate curvy women. Can I get a ‘hell yes’?!

“Even though the average American woman is a size 12, media still usually sets the standards of beauty at a smaller woman, making women, beautiful, healthy women — with curves, and boobs, and hips, and, yes, booties – feel an unjust pressure. So we are here now to celebrate the beauty of a healthy booty.”

This article – ohhhh. It made me tear up, because it’s just so right. Let’s all climb up that ladder of personal success together, okay?

We will become deep thinkers in the next year. How? Like this. 

Because sometimes impressing your fellow homo sapiens is pretty rad.

The most important quote you’ll read – possibly ever. 

The packaging. THE PACKAGING. (I’ll skip the ketchup lollipops though, thank you very much.)

What I’m up to. 
Brunch, brunch, brunch. It’s every sane person’s favourite meal, non? My cousin is in London for business this week and we’re going to grab a little early meal on Saturday, so beware of croissants coming up on your Instagram feed.
A lovely friend of mine also advised me to go and check out the Freud Museum here in London (of which I didn’t even know it existed, whaaaat?!), so I might try and fit that into my weekend as well. The rest is all still one big surprise, but I’m sure it’ll be a grandiose one.

I hope you have a rad weekend, love!

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Images by Ashley Batz



Hello there, gorgeous, how’s your week been? What I’ve been doing? Oh, just going back home after three months of being away, seeing my family again, going to Holland’s best theme park, crying over how cute the ducks were. You know, the usual.